Once Upon Time


Don’t fear I will not forget you in my adventures, the gods have granted us unlimited magic pigeons to keep in touch with the world and share the news of CrIsis no matter the location. I feel ashamed at my sudden departure I should have come too you the night I was given and yet my behavior was more like a two year old pup running around chasing its tail, so I tell you now how much I care, how much I appreciate you, too say goodbye.

When you are reading this it will barely have been a week since I left the forest and yet my world has changed so completely. Ra himself lifted me up into the heavens and spoke to me in person. I look back at this sentence and realize how unimaginable it is, how surreal and yet I can already accept it. Strangely all I can think of and regret now is that I should have thought to keep a single blade of the heavenly 8ft grass to study.

The god himself has sent me instantaneously across the miles to join my dream family, “Crisis”, I remember us reading the stories to the children to find out these are not fables but real events taking place, real people and are the people in my dreams somehow feels right. Azariel is amongst them and it was good to be able to connect with something even vaguely familiar so far away. This new family of mine are not the people I thought, I arrogantly felt I knew them from the brief glimpses of their lives I had. There was no fighting, no blood their voices do not articulate the violence to which I was witness. Also alas I did not expect the smell, I will miss the woods.

I have met other amazing people here in Sekti-Abtu, I have been greeted by name by all the leaders of the church of light, that they already know of me is amazing in itself, and we were celebrated and dined with as guest of honour to a throng of thousands. How do I accept such an honour for just appearing? In particular I met Father Lamriel, he is being sent to the western empire to spread the light there and I ask if you could put forward his name in the tribes prayers for he needs our support.

I spent my first day shopping, SHOPPING! with Brother Indaris this is not what I expected. Azariel produced the most beautiful music from the hundreds of church bells all around the city, the dwarf I did not see swing an axe once but was engaged in diplomacy? hiring a crew for the ship Rogtilda, who by the way has excellent taste and is a wondrous entity in itself. The Kobald, Asher was quite intelligent and proper and I think Nosse is quite taken by the Minotaur or maybe he is upset at me for not being by his side a in proper furred form for so long. I was quite impressed myself as whilst I don’t understand totally what the problem was the minotaur was certainly defending us at the celebrations from one of the priests who was acting aggressively around our companions.

This city is full of libraries and so much to learn I can see why they might be so distracted at times in their mission, so much potential for learning. We endeavored to hire some scholars to help research for us while here and one of the prospectives was murdered for entering a library, I cannot convey how much anger I feel at the people who could do such to a man of study. If anything this act pulls at me to deviate from our mission, to rip the soul of such scum away to his next reincarnation. But already I remind myself to keep on task at to help the others do the same. I must also apologize already I have lost the gem given to me stolen away by a thief, for every wonder there is shame in these cities. I feel I have started to ramble now and I have little time before we must continue on so goodbye for now, but I will be in touch again soon

Your daughter Cami


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