Pictures Are Worth A 1,000 Words

Xerx’ses watched from above when the ceiling cracked and he floated above the city so everyone could see Terosh was not their savior this day. He looked with pride upon CrIsis as they help any and all stragglers get out of this poisoned paradise formerly known as the Sovereignty of Terosh. Terosh was now dead thanks to Khonsu’s Reaper. However, he knew now was the time and he felt his soul crack releasing his divine spark. Instantly, every evil member of the congregation of Terosh was crushed in some form or fashion. Now nothing stood in the way of those fleeing. He felt the elementals leave since their master had perished.

The strain of holding the remaining portion of his divine spark to his will was fading quickly as it took all his energy to maintain the spell. He hoped this act would allow his companions to think better of him. Those dream fragments of Khonsu’s Reaper and Apis’ Luminary speaking about him made him feel as those his elevation was driving a wedge in the group. When a vision had been shared about the outcome he worked over all the ways he could think of to resolve it. Every night he would see the outcomes and everyone died. Until he thought of using his own soul to boost his immortal body’s power. He chuckled to himself as the dome cracked and water came rushing in and pieces of buildings began to pummel his form. “Necromancers give you funny ideas if you fight them long enough.” What he did would have been called necromancy but it was only used on himself.

He hoped that those fleeing would see him and realize the Golden Minotaur of the Gods of Light had helped to save them. At the very least maybe he could give Khonsu a boost of followers. When the water hit him it broke his leg and cracked most of his rib cage. Between the debris and tons of water he reached for his amulet to Sekti-Abtu. Pulling it up through the pain he saw it has been broken. His golden halo fading in the dark he shoved his arms into two locations on his person. “I’m probably to late to make this work,” he thought to himself as his other hand he shoved – claws first through a hole in his breastplate. Continuing through his own flesh and up into his rib-cage he stabbed his own heart! The second crack in his soul caused a huge implosion as he became trapped in an archway of a broken building and then the explosion hit as his other arm found what it had been looking for.

As consciousness began to fade he thought of Laval’liere, and wondered if she would mind “Lavi” as a nickname? He thought of, Aleyne, and wished Lictalon the Great would take care and find her a home and someone to love her and show her a better way of life than she learned. Darkness enveloped his form in a watery mass and he thought he could hear Osiris the Lawgiver and Anubis the Betrayer bickering about control. He called out to the darkness as water rushed in making it garbled, “Overkill, was right dog-face, Anubis, you’re still a dick!”




Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn


Immortal Minotaur Demigod

Arcanist Holy Paladin for Osiris the Lawgiver

War Wizard & High Weaver of the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Member of CrIsis

AKA: Admiral Osric Orghallar of the Shield Of Light


Seen on the 27th of Corg, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345th year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.


Pictures by AZ_Rune.


5 Responses to “Pictures Are Worth A 1,000 Words

  • Anubis IS a dick, and now it all makes sense. Suddenly, I understand why the Dickripper had to be called home.

    I really like the comic – it fits the narratives really well.

  • Really like the comic- nice touch.

  • OMG, this is the most fitting emotional send off of The Golden One Xerex’ses that any could have given…EVER!.

    I felt REAL emotion reading this, I felt the strings of my heart being pulled by the description.

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