Please Come

Would Love to See You

Reader’s Note: The following is a series of verbal messages sent by Red Snow to Silent Dream.

“The best we could do was pay for pigeons, which is not anywhere near as impressive as the eagles. We are a little embarrassed.”
“It has been 2 months since you last wrote, and we are still hoping that you will soon visit.”
“Things here have returned to an almost normal state, and I have some great news! Night Rain and I are expecting!”
“One thing that is not normal is we had visitors- pilgrims searching for the birthplace of the famous Silent Dream! They were unprepared for winter, and close to death!”
“We here at Dream Lake want you to know that we believe in you! We are sure that you will hope those with mind powers in a compassionate manner!”

“We are all so proud of you, and want to celebrate you and your friends in CrIsis! We hope to hear from you soon!”
Two eagles also arrive, with a voice that Dream recognizes as U’Selekma’s.

“You should stop here in Sekti-Abtu before going to Caer Itom.”
“There is information key to your success in Çynopolis to share!”

Group of verbally delivered messages delivered by Magic Pigeon to Silent Dream, forwarded by His Holiness on the 24th day of Od in the 72nd year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Pigeon gif from NetSeer
Eagle gif from


6 Responses to “Please Come

  • OK, second request by his Holiness to stop in Sekti Abtu, fairly certain the GM is “hitting us over the head” with this.

  • Interesting that this note about Sekti-Abtu is asking us to stop there before going to Caer Itom.

    Really wish Dream could’ve visited his village! It’s nice to see that they want him back after basically running him out of town. Of course, it is only his friend saying he sould visit – none of the Elders have actually expressed that sentiment. Maybe it’s just as well!

    • Screw ’em if they can’t like a former Kank’ turned Crusader turned Gob’

  • Hey Silent Dream, DIG those GIFs! Especially that wobbly ass pigeon. Now there’s the “MAGIC” right there!


    • The eagle was Dream’s, the pigeon was mine. Thanks Twigs!

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