Prayer of Strength


This city is poisoning us, and I mean us as a family I see the rifts driven between brothers and can only guess at the evil that could have planted the seeds. I’ve seen my family look around at each other with the eyes of strangers and sit in judgement choosing to see the evil in every action. Where there should be love and comradeship that looks at the possibilities and should not hesitate to believe in our friends best intentions. I have seen Xerxses flourish these last days and I know that belief in something is a power unto itself, the peoples belief in Xerxes has made that reality the truth his actions and behaviour whilst driven from within have been buoyed and enabled by belief. Vice Versa I see this poison acting against my brother Indaris and fear that our strength of character and family is being tested and that should we fail in our support of him we will force him toward the dark with our own hands. I truly believe each one of us acts with best intentions but we are each also very human we will continue to make mistakes over and over in our lives, the consequences will be meaningless and dire. I truly believe that the path to the Light is through our journey together to strengthen and support each other for the power of a family as one has to accomplish more than any person alone. This is why evil is doomed in the end to lose, they are single selfish individuals who do not truly uplift each other and therefore cannot accomplish the equal of a group bound with love. I recently prayed for the opportunity to heal the rifts with Sir Thurgood and my prayers were answered so please do not think me ungrateful when I sit here again in supplication. Osiris I pray to you, guard the bonds of my family, strengthen us against this onslaught from our very natures and the evil pressure that is suffocating us in this city. Let us see your light clearly again and draw away these clouds so that we may escape these moral snares and move on together to our true purpose. And if in your infinite wisdom you see fit to return us to the beauty and peace of the wilderness I would know your overwhelming generosity.
Your servant Cami

Picture from FaberWall. Quote from Rudyard Kipling.

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