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Lillium Interspinus

Ra 1st, 111 (cont’d)

No sooner had the last demon fallen to dust, than the city guard descended upon us! It appears that we all missed the admonition of the Jotan Dockmaster the day prior, and we committed a crime of ignorance. We were not supposed to raise our weapons in violence, and though we were defending ourselves, we are not vigilantes! We should have detained the fiends, and not defensed them to death. Unfortunately, ‘ignorantia legis neminem excusat’ as Master Summoner Shrijit’s mantra said. Roughly translated, it means ‘Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.’ A very hard lesson to learn, but imperative to a summoner’s craft, as you can easily be killed by what you do not understand, and none shall cry foul, if it does. You should have paid attention. What is happening to me? Just today I have been taught two lessons that I should have remembered! I must redouble my efforts to maintain my calm, and keep my wits about me!

As is to be expected, the ignorance of the law caused strife among the Emissaries of the Gods. Cava has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and demands that justice be had. I share many of his viewpoints. It is tainted by personal view, though. He knows that the law must be upheld, but he broke it through ignorance and with his sense of justice, his need to be justified, it was soon going to be a problem with the officers. The other members of CrIsis supported his viewpoint, and they were even starting to argue with the officers. Officers of the law are not, and should not be judges of the law. I know from personal experience that that does not always happen the way it should, but what example of the people can we be if we do not adhere to all law? Osiris is the Lawgiver. He demands we obey, whether we understand his reason or not. And if we think we understand, we do not, as his ways are above our ways, his thoughts above our thoughts.

I interjected in the discussion, quietly to Cava, ‘We should adhere, even though we were ignorant. They are just, and arbiters of the law. We in fact committed the crime, and we can plea our case before the judge in the morning. Let us not cause incident here, any more than we have.’

I did not want to tell the group we would go to the cells, as I have only been with them for a week. Cava is the one they have ordained as spokesman, and what are we without a chain of command?

So, we spent a night in jail. Not the best place for CrIsis to go, but those with wits about them realize it was much more than a night on stone behind bars, but it was an act that spoke volumes about our integrity and our crusade!

From there, we went about the town to prepare ourselves for our journey. The night was host to much partying and joyousness.

Ra 2nd, 111

My heart stopped today. It was as if I threw the dice, and they stood on corner. Beauty embodied, an elf named Iana The name uttered summons fire in my chest, and moths in my belly, more surely than a word of power yelled in ritual. When I think of her face, or when she touches my arm, it gives me wings, and the earth no longer has its pull on me. What better place to find true love than on a journey for the gods? I am no priest to swear celibacy, nor am I blind to not see beauty. She will be mine, as I already am hers. When she spoke, my heart shattered, with her loving tones caressing ‘Master Cava.’ I shall fight for her. Though she is a follower of Bast, I do not care. I have saved myself for her, and I love her. That is all that matters. Though ‘ignorantia legis neminem excusat’ I will forgive her lack of fealty to a man she met just today! All that I need to live is a glance, a touch, a laugh.

Ra 3rd, 111

Oh! that I were Iana’s tear, to be born of her eyes, live on her cheek, and die upon her lips.

Iana, whose perfect golden locks put the sun to shame, whose lips make roses wilt in jealousy, and whose milky fair skin is fairer than -Osiris himself.- New-fallen snow.

My heart beats for two, and dies for one. She doesn’t even see me; doesn’t have eyes for any but Cava.

Ra 9th, 111

The morning dawned with us five ready to head into the jungle. I took a while studying the metal frame that Xerx’ses devised, and made for the donkey. Such an ingenious contraption! I might even be able to fit in some of my aquariums in there! I’ll have to think… my Lizard, Spider, and Toads would be best. Necessary. We had been referred to a guide, Tiakatha – a Rahuman. The Giant races always fill me with awe, and give me a strong feeling of vertigo. I know they are fallible like all races, and their size doesn’t guarantee their success in a fight, but it’s a matter of principle.

No sooner had we hired our guide, that BENJI showed up! That rascal, I never thought he would ever be chosen! He has such a nonchalance for deities, that I was afraid. However, everything he does exemplifies a love of Bast, and she is a goddess in the Pantheon of Ra, after all. We embraced, and he showed me the Ring emblazoned with Isis’ crest. I could not believe my eyes! Instead of leaving immediately, with a new member of the group, into the heart of the Jungle, we decided to have the good ol’ fireside chat tonight, and set off tomorrow.

There is a very potent feeling of unease around the thief, as would be expected! However, with my testimony to his character, and that he is a discerning thief, it eventually subsided to a low simmer. The Gods chose him, and that seems to be enough for everyone here. But if he causes trouble, I will kill him.

Ra 10th, 111

An eventful day full of battle was today! We ran across a group of Tezcats, an indigenous being of the Yin-Sloth jungles. They paralyzed several of our group, but we conquered them. There was quite a bit of discord among us about Benji taking some of the poison for the darts. Tiakatha told us to leave the dead with the dead, as the rest would track us to the end of the earth if we disturbed the corpses. The Thief went against our judgement, and took it. I respect his decision, even if I don’t agree, as none of us is higher in the Courts of the Gods than another. He was told, however, that if he endangers the rest of us, and thereby the Quest, he was on his own, and would be sacrificed for his choice.

Into the afternoon, we ran into the Rodents of Ugly Snouts; the huge rat-men that plague the jungle. It boggles my mind that rats can carry such pestilences like the Plague, and Typhoid, and they don’t keel over! And you would assume that if a tiny rat did such, that a man-sized rat would wreak havoc on a larger scale. They were unfortunately easily dealt with, the luckless savages.

My biggest frustration is this: Cava does not use his bow! His bow has been known to destroy man and beast, and with the Lightning arrows that he purchased, and with Tyvernos’ help as well, his bow rivals Overkill’s fabled Callandor and Greminor! Not to mention he can keep enemies at bay at such a farther distance! His ring of Fleet Feet shouldn’t be needed to assist his destruction; it should be used only in situations where he needs to make a strategic backward march. When the enemy gets close, as they always do, he can then destroy them with Thor-ak. But Inas should be his first thought, especially in his home turf, the Forest!

I know that my strategy isn’t perfect all of the time. Surely, I have had to make unnecessary retreats. But this fact is proven. Cava should use his bow.

I know he will become angry with this, and I invite him to instruct me on his strategic suggestions for me. But my one and only thought is this: We kill as a group, or die as a group, there is no third option! We should all be dedicated to improving our group dynamics!

Alas, I ramble! This heat is killing me, and I can feel the clammy hands of the jungle scraping at me. I end my words with that thought, and I sleep with thoughts of Iana.

Ra 11th, 111

The Luck was on my side today! I seemed to have dodged a bullet, and the boon of the gods protected me from heat exhaustion! Looking at my companions, it seems that it has to be a random, toss-of-the-dice ailment, as weight, native country, diet, and height had no bearing on who fell victim. It seems, though, that the feral, savage heat wracking my companions has fed my desire for Iana. I cannot walk, breathe, or think without her name crossing my mind or lips. I tried to talk to her today, and could make nothing come out besides, ‘Uhnnh pretty elf… ‘ SUCH A MORON! What is wrong with me? I can utter words of power in the middle of a battle! I command the very elements, and tame magicks feared by mere mortals! Why can I not speak to HER? Benji tried his hand, and fell flat as well. Serves the tramp right!!!

Ra 12th, 111

Luck favored my hand again, it seems, as nary a bead of sweat touched my brow all day, if not for exertion.

We ran across a strange creature, Hoppitus, who knows Benji! Hoppy and his fellow toad-men had set upon us in attack, and we were fending them off, though when we felled one, ten took its place! Then, in the heat of battle, Benji recognized Hoppy, and he called off the attack. This night we partied with them and ate like kings!

Ra 13th, 111

We came across an elephant; or rather an elephant (natgeo) came across us. It created a giant path through the forest that looked easier to follow than the one we were on! The guide led us onward, though.

Ra 14th 111

Today was the day of days! My magical prowess and my command of emotion in the heat of battle won the heart of my Iana! Callooh! Callay!

The day started with yet another smiling of Luck on me! The infernal heat, oppressive in every way, did not touch me! The gods froze my dice in place, a perfect toss of Carriages! My luck won out the rest of the day, with three enormous insect-like creatures falling upon us, but no mortal wounds gained.

Iana was also making doe-eyes for Overkill, the sweat glistening off of his rippling muscles, arms flexed to bursting. The old stag gave approving looks for the elf’s interest! That dirty old man, with a wife hundreds of miles away? I almost punched him in the eye! But then I noticed that his looks were not an invitation to Iana, and she was still making Doe-eyes for me, too. I looked at Overkill, a weighing, conflict in a stare. As if he could sense the perfect toss of Carriages reserved for me by the gods, he backed down, though it is probably through his love of Mary that truly won the conflict.

Benji was ready to jump in with me, even though he knows that I do not worship his goddess, and will not take part in certain of his … worship rituals.

I pen this hurriedly, as I am to meet her in her tent tonight, once supper is finished and the beds are laid. She will bind my wounds, and I will serenade her with song and the majestic melodies of my Cello. This is the beginning of a wonderful courtship!

Ra 15th, 111 (supplemental)

I did not sleep last night. My heart has gained wings, and my mind does not stop racing! Iana had more in mind than my naiveté could fathom! Her advances could not be stopped, even had I wanted to. This is the woman I know I am meant for, and with our newfound connection, there’s nothing else that should happen! I have given her my heart, and it is hers to do with as she would. I trust her in Cava’s hands. I know that he will protect her as her liege.
The sunrise has a tangible beauty, as I sit here by the morning fire, soaking in life. Though the trees hide it, I can still appreciate the rays playing off the branches, trees, flowers, and wildlife at home in the foliage.

Power to Osiris, and Glory to Ra.

>>Entries ranging Ra 1st through 14th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from the personal journal of Azariel, Apprentice Alchemist 8th rank, Novice Summoner of 3rd rank, Wizard of 5th rank, Acolyte of Osiris and the Lady of Luck.<< Picture Credits: Jail Cell: VADS
Iana: Picture from Nikita Darkstar.
Bungo: Lockenport
Ranger : Paizo
Frog-man : Everquest
Elephant: NatGeo
Sunlight: Flickriver

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