Ra: Godmeet Edition.

Ma’ip…that was a trip, I mean a real trip and an awesome experience…and that has more than one meaning in this case. Now, if I’d actually met Bennu, that would have been…sunshine through new leaves. Now, don’t get me wrong. Ra is a cool guy for a god. He even moved me from the endless grasslands to a fairy sized human room. I mean a fairy house is very…rustic? Yes, that’s the word for it. We do rough finish and natural looking contours.

This, on the other hand, was nothing like a fairy room. It was a human room. Stone block walls. Table and chairs in front of a fire. It must have been a magic fire, because if I made a fire with ‘logs’ that small it would have burned out in seconds. Not only the room was ‘me sized’. Ra shrunk himself to twelve inches. He was still HUGE compared to little old 5 inch 3 firth me, but he wasn’t a tree. He was a god.

That wasn’t the first, nor the last, surprise for me. Apparently there have been a group of normals running around collecting the parts of Osiris. So, normally, I’d think they were doing it for the power, since the parts of a god are powerful, especially if that god is ‘dead’ and can’t influence their use. They’re not trying to gather power, though. They’re trying to restore him to life.

How crazy is that? They’re trying to bring a _god_ back to life.

Well, I now know who they are…and I get the craziest surprise of my entire life. I’ve been called, by the gods, to be a part of this insanity and I’ll be there to help gather the parts of Osiris.

All I can say? It’s going to be awesome.

Written by Hanna on the 16th of Algor.

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