Recollections of a Liar

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Xixin.
| At the caverns of the Serinan Tribe
| in the Baalgor region of the Rocky Desert.

Good Xixin, Elder of the Serinan,

You may hear stories about my youth about how I used to sleep in the *Vault of Runebound Souls* after spending nights listening to them tell me stories of the past. The last 48 hours has felt like a recollection of what I have called happier times. Lu’urna and later Lady Torchwood, the Scribe of Light informed me of Zeelik’s death. I am so sorry but I don’t know if my father knows or how to tell him. I have faced Dragons, Demons, Gods, Giants, Dark Old-One infused Runeblades, and yet I fear the ostracizing of affection if I tell my father, Rostam, that it was my idea to try and reclaim the Temple of Isis in Troker. I like being honest but it hurts knowing I did have a hand in Zeelik’s death.

I have had to lie so much on this quest to keep those I care for in CrIsis safe that I feel it wears upon my soul. I am trying to show the world we Minotaurs can be good and not all of us follow the dark path of our forebears. Every now and then I meet a person willing to take me at face value and it gives me hope for our kind.

Now, I am making a leap that my father is among the elders on the new tribe and despite Lu’urna’s desire for. . .

*I hope that Anubis tortures your soul for all eternity!!*

You’ll both allow me an olive branch before I am banned from coming home as punishment for elder Zeelik’s death. My friends and I slew:

  • Groun’na, for betraying the Etrinan and fratricide.
  • Zii-clymnt, for slaying my brother and fratricide,
  • both Xor’van and Navrox, for betraying their tribe and fratricide.

I have removed their horns and allowed the kobold and the druid to eat their hearts so they cannot be brought back to life. They will find no rest among our ancestors without their horns to accompany them to the afterlife. Since CrIsis helped me we voted and they believe these runebound friends of our people should be returned to the tribe. I intend to return them to my father in Sekti-Abtu before to long. I won’t ask forgiveness for trying to bring light back to the world but I hope our avenging the death of the Etrinan and my brother, returning the runebound friends to the tribe might count for something. Anzuroq the Stone Mace is among the six recovered rune friends, my father would want to know that.

I was recently given the chance to voice any concerns I had about the gods and all I felt was shame. I am following what I believe to be the right path but I have to wander in a magical induced lie to avoid spoiling the attacks we need or plans we have. That’s not to say I have not learned a great deal about the world, and people in it. I have even been to the Imperial Palace of Caer Itom of the Western Empire! Still it makes me a liar to every person I develop a relationship with that does not know me for what I am. So I am liar day in and day out. I continue because I will have my lord returned from the realms of the dead but my shame and fear is this..

*Will he still want me?*

Enough time has fear taken from me and now I shut it away and back to the mission. In a few hours under cover of the morning darkness we have to sneak from Rogtilda over to a ship bound to the Isle of the Cyclops! We shall face a Jotan necromancer for the Left Hand of Osiris. I will be gone for 15 days and the heavens above only know where we are going next.

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, upon the of the wee morning hours of the 29th of Set, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. <<

Xixin picture found at WotC.
Anzuroq the Stone Mace from Cremuss.
All other weapons are found on AQW-wiki.


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