Reply of the Great Spirit Bear

Hey Chieftain I am writing again

18th of Majestic

Dear Great Chieftain,

I am going to try and…er…write? Sounds weird. Anywaves, I am going to try and write like you and the udders, all fancy and stuff. I was very jump up and down happy that I gots yours letter…pigeon? At first I thought is was just a seagull and was about to eats it. Food delivereded to you, someone should make that happen. Waysany, I am worried for yous and the tribe. I hope that what I do’s here with CrIsis will make it betters for all of yous. As fars as goings with the Wolfsens, I have dealt with dems a littles. For as most it was OK. They seemed to not wants to hurt me in ways. I fealt that they did nots fully trustes me. But maybe you have better doings with them. Yes please write back, I was varies happy, jump up and down to gets a letter from someones. The udders were alsos very interesteded in goings on in that part of the world. This seems strange buts they seems to want to know the goings on of aviaries in the worlds. Deys very wanting to knows. Well I only have so’s many…um…what are they called…OH YES WORDS…left to write with. The udders says I can gets too hundrids ands fiffies words on disses sheetiss. And it looks like I have justice about that many on deese papers. Any waves, it was goodses too heres from dee gratesis…

19th of Majestic

OH I WAS SUPPOSE TO AXE.have yous seens the furries and have you seen them with anythings weirds

Picture is from Canadian Museum of History


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