Researching Everywhere

Working Overtime

Dear Demigod of Psionics and Accidental Fires

I am not confident that Ansa forwarded you the message, as she was getting ready to go Home, so I thought I should drop a short note.

I am traveling the world with Haladriel (don’t worry, you don’t need to do any cleaning) and Ley-Rhy, doing research on Hades!

I have found interesting items in many places, and hope to be done by Od, so I wanted to let you know not to send any messages to the Library, as I am not there!

Off to do more research with the great scholar Rystrom Khejas, who is miraculously alive!

I am of course getting your stories still, and compiling them- the most recent book came out during the Festival of Bennu.

May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 24th of Pegasus in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture of Malkin by our own AZ Rune.


10 Responses to “Researching Everywhere

  • In a world where Changelings not only exist but one in particular is a member of ReSet… shouldn’t the miraculous reappearance of a lost hero be suspicious?

    • Is that really Iana and Acon with you?

      • I think the better question is, do we have an in-character reason yet to believe otherwise?

        • I liked your deleted comment better, and Grignak has warned that the Gods were concerned about appearances

        • “Trust nothing, but believe that anything is possible.”
          “Old Enemies and Old Friends may be met along the way.”

          For the most part, all the warnings we got (not just those quoted above) amount to “be careful and don’t take everything at face value.” I’m pretty sure Grignak and Xerx’ses probed those ladies pretty deeply…

  • But back to this log itself… Malkin is still researching for us while continuing to write the books of CrIsis? What a committed individual – when does he even sleep?

  • As always it is good to have another ally in the fight against ReSet and the dark with Rystrom Khejas. As for above comments about his identity, if Uncle Malkin & Crazy Pants can’t determine him to be true then I doubt anyone could.

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