Return to Mishala Part-1

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Ondemeira the White.
| At the castle of King Guy the First
| in the city of Credia

Good Scribe of Light,

I am happy to write that we have been able to save two of the victims of the Tezcat Necromancer and we have been able to revive them, I shall explain forthwith.

*I am remiss that on our way back to the cavern with the Elven Necromancer and her circles I thought we had made it to that cave but alas I was tired and erred in my recounting. For that I do apologize for it pangs to think even unknowingly I may have given false witness to the events on this most holy of missions.

Please accept my apologies and if you can forgive this transgression of veracity I will endeavor to make sure it does not happen often or without recompense via corrected facts as I acquire them.*

Onward, we did stop to clean out the cavern filled with multiple veins of gemstones. There were Kobold tools left behind as the inhabitants have fled the cave systems leaving everything behind. I have tucked one of the victims the others say comes from the Empire of Sin per his attire in my sack where I used to store the FULL horse meat carcass we were feeding off from. I have used the ‘Cleanse‘ spell on everyone to make sure the blood we were drenched in had come off!

*~ The 13th of Grekar ~*

In the second day of tall task regarding honest labor after what will rank up with one of the worst days of my life so far. We were finishing gathering the gemstones from this cavern when a tribe or family of Troglodytes pass us by peacefully and I was reminded of our noble Rock Friend that became Rogtilda. The only consolation is that I can add diamonds to his collection from around the world. According to Master Tyvernos it was the afternoon and nearing evening when we head out and about 9 hourglasses past highsun when we arrived at the actual Elven Necromancer’s cave.

The Agent has left yet another feeble attempt to play games of the mind in the circles that are RE-activated: thine head of the late Oric Bellode! Please note that my little buddy had a *TITAN’S BACKBONE* when seeing this. Brother Indaris led us in the ritual prayer for the deceased and Master Ja’Deir had been sharing the special prayers his people, the Ashada, from the Land of the Damned called Mudras and Mantras. It is a brave thing to embrace a culture not of your own making and accept them as brother. It follows in the tradition of the Titan to try to understand by immersing oneself in that foreign culture to widen your eyes to the world. Together they perform the Mudra (it could be mantra and I again apologize if I am mistaken) of the Dead or Departing for the late Master Oric.

My smallest companion is my tallest inspiration for what courage is.

He decided that rather than expend our energies in what was surely a trap this would be the late Master Oric’s resting place for he had perform a spiritual burial in his heart and soul with us. The body was now just a shell, and I was grateful that at my height my companions can not see the grief upon my face as I think about the skull dipped in silver, engraved, and the last thing Master Aesyl ever touched with his mind. Until I see the skull to the Great Library where he may rest among the tomes I cannot feel that my ritual is done for him. The Librarian deserves a library worthy of him.

Good Scribe of Light if the Monk brothers reject my request for the disagreement betwixt their noble Brother Malkin and myself. Would the library in Credia consent to having the silvered skull of the Demon hunter – Arhaleg Hescu in its collection? If yes, the building must be warded against demons for a Gargoyle Mage that once owned it will be wroth should its location come to him. When finished here I intended to slay the demon mage and retrieve the rest of these skulls and put them to rest.

Now that we were in as safe a place as we were likely to ever be the examination of the sacrifice victim not in my bag was done and they were in a pain induced sleep, called coma by the others. I brought forth the one I had been carrying around in my bag like a young nursing bull. I set him down so the miracles of healing our merry band can effect could be worked upon him as well. My mother told me when I was a young bull among my people not two years old did I have a temper of demanding nature. Why is it Hooman’s never seem to leave this petulant phase as they get taller in their forms if not their souls? Apparently, this nobleman of the Empire of Sin we learn later his name is Master Gromak Alragin thought he could rule us with golden coins that:
* he did not have on his person
* thought was his birthright
* assumed we were such base creatures that wealth motivated us, ALONE!

We had save them and the other I will get to but clearly not all Hoomans are created equal! I stretched forth my hand picked Master Gromak Alragin up with my hand bringing him close enough to my nose he could make out the scars on the left side of my face.


I heard cries from my companions about setting him down, and I continued saddened by a terrible truth I learned about those that objected.

*I am nothing but a monster still because I choose to speak my mind.*

I have loosed my temper in deliberate action three times in this journey:
* Once in the Baalgor Mountains when Master Cava treated Mistress Iana as a prostitute to Master Azariel.
* Once when someone tried to steal the silver skull and I picked up that person, yelled at him it did not belong to him and set him back down.
* Now when I was not about to suffer the treatment of a slave from a Hooman in a land where it is known for sin and sin being evil is the path to the Old Ones!!!! NO!!! NEVER!!!!!! I WOULD NOT BE QUIETED!!!! THIS SIN LICKER WOULD KNOW HIS PLACE AMONG THE SCIONS OF LIGHT!!!!!!

I continued…

With my point made I set him down snorting once for good measure. My companions tried to point out how their were other ways to have achieve Master Gromak Alragin’s acquiescence to his plight. I pity them all knowing how they feel about me in their heart, in their small petty fears. Not Master Tyvernos, and while not present I am fairly confident Master Azariel could appreciate a strategic use of strength to cower future angst. I was surprised how short sighted my companions were I never once threatened his person. In fact I offered him freedom to choose his destiny and a torch to light the way. I did also point out which one I felt would allow him a chance to see future birthdays. While I was loud for me I did focus his attention and help him choose a path that would lead to a long life not cloud by his grief from being a slave himself. However, all they saw was the monster they fear in their sleep. All my good deeds washed away by the stain of my bloodline’s infamy in the Tristine Chronicles.

The happy and sad thing is next we were greeted by the brother of Paul – our other victim rescued. Paul’s brother was a Monster Hunter named: Master Mack. He seemed to not care that we were monster and pretty races cavorting together, so I admit to liking Master Mack right off the cuff. This, however, meant we had to say goodbye to the THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD. He left me a gift of a torc that could sense evil before he went back to where he came from, I shall not forget good Jidian Kulder, grand ranger of the north. We opted to rest for roughly 8 turns of the hourglass and proceeded on when we awoken.

*~ The 14th of Grekar ~*

True to how I have dealt with all people. Yesterday’s issues with Master Gromak Alragin were behind us and if he gave us no reason to further the discussion I would let it wash away. I admit the feeling of being betrayed in the heart by the others impression of me would not wash away so easily.
Spawn of Evil,
Can’t be trusted…

A Pigeon Note arrived which gave Master Tyvernos mixed feelings knowing his parents Oriflamme were finally going to grow old and die. Because the gods had felt “WE – CrIsis” had acquired the mantle of Guardians of Palladium! I trust in the gods now and know the task I have been chosen for and will do my best to live up to.

Mack said he was sent by the Gods of Light to help guide us back to Mishala. We thanked him and his brother Paul whom was also a Monster Hunter left to rejoin their group and learn from his mistake that got him captured. While I was worried about Paul’s well-being the brothers exchanged a glance which made me think that Paul suffered from the follies of childhood vigor. Surely the great Lord of Wisdom has dropped a glowing feather upon his marble brow and such mistakes shan’t be repeated.

Next were surrounded by hoomanoid cat-like people we could barely see from the trees and I cast tongues when Master Mack could not communicate with them. We had been given the chance to leave now and no blood would be spilt. I relayed this to my companions and Master Mack did not disappoint as he took us away from this territory we had stumbled upon. The day and evening past by without further event

*~ The 15th of Grekar ~*

How can a place so steaming hot grow so cold and bitter like an Algor’s Breath! Then add rain or with its icy color Algor piss was more likely. Not wanting to freeze inside I kept my mouth shut and grumble as quietly as one might. Now I did not know during the attack but apparently a different group of cat people according to Master Mack attacked us! All I will say about the battle was how short it lasted, but some other animal was just given meals for their brood by the CrIsis butchering service, coming to a dark temple near you soon.

*~ The 16th of Grekar ~*

The only item of note was coming across a large horde of Orcs that let us pass in the manner of the first cat group. Hmm, no one berated the orcs for their show of strength in defending their position? Everyone was just lower your weapons and make no sudden moves. Why not we had trespassed onto their lands and they chose the path of understanding that this was a mistake and great their host stood if we proven to be craven raiders.

*~ The 17th & 18th of Grekar ~*

Awesome set of days in the Jungle! I forgot to mention many days back that through the mystic powers of my friend, Master Tyvernos, Master Gromak Alragin was vetted enough to be trustworthy on this trip to the city of Mishala. I have no doubt he will try to re-valuate and seek the best deal for himself once he arrives even if that means betraying us. It’s almost comforting to watch a person you know is craven, cowardly, and out for themselves. You at least know what to expect, amazing that I find his disdain comforting in that fashion. It’s when you trust others like you as a person only to find out they fear and don’t trust anymore than any other monster that hurts. Why agree I am their leader upon land? When Master Azariel returns he can have such a mantle for followers that hide amongst robes of friendship. If your going to hate me but work with me just tell me to my face rather than some freakish mummer’s facade of caring.

It’s not that I don’t feel this needs discussing I don’t know what to say and I want words that convey meaning not just angry shouting over how hurt I feel right now. During the issue with Master Gromak Alragin I heard Master Tyvernos support me and Master Ja’Deir crying out to have me stop. What did the creature from the Land of the Damned fear I would do? How evil are the beasts that I share my blood lineage upon that cursed patch of rock? Does it even matter though? I am here because of a promise to the High Lady of Light, Divine Isis, not to make friends and swap campfire tales. Oh my gods, they know where I live, what if they send other terrified friends to the homes of my people to slay them for centuries old hate? When we are CrIsis once more without others hanging on their will be another fireside chat.


*~ The 19th of Grekar ~*

During this day I did enjoy because we were set upon by foul beasts, Chimera! A wonderful chance to work out some anger and maybe let things pass over me like the rains and swamps had moved around me regardless of what I cared for of them. Master Mack and I tackled the one before us with holy lightning and fire from our implements of the gods (or piece in my case)! Little did I know that lightning blasts would affect Master Asher in daylight as we were warned ‘Globe of Daylight‘ or of magics would. Regardless of whether or not he fears me I was upset I hurt him in any fashion. He fought to get away from dark worshiping parents to find the light and that should be commended. He did finally manage to summon bolts of lightning I have used before. When Master Overkill complained he couldn’t reach the action I reached down and tossed him at one of the Chimera. I will never forget his wild howl of glee sailing through the air crying out, “STABBITY ACTION!!!!!”

*~ The 20th of Grekar: The Festival of Apis ~*

Today and for the next three days through the 23rd of Grekar I did not lead the group and sought to repair the damage we had done through the jungle. We kept moving forward but to honor Apis I tried hard to restore this place I still hate to the natural beauty it had before we came here. So for four days we left less of an imprint on the jungles teeming with life – deadly life – but life nonetheless.

*~ The 24th & 25th of Grekar ~*

The Agent sent us another feeble missive of weakness on the 24th regarding submission and stuff. In hindsight, he was talking about some terms of a truce currently holding between the Gods of Light and Dark! He did say we would loose the Dwarf in 3 days time and that did come true after a fashion, he did not hold up his end of the bargin, read on and you’ll see. On the 25th I believe Master Overkill really stretched his sailor vocabulary in swearing and sending back his reply, most societies would call it less than polite.

I just giggled inside.

*~ The 26th of Grekar ~*

We fought some kind of cat creature name of Krel, I think? The battle was over almost before it started, I think I still had hard tack I was chewing on during the fight. Otherwise the only item of note was a Holy Missive from the Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark himself, U’Selekma! This prompted a great discussion about the order of CrIsis and Master Overkill figured out which of us would be taken first and in what order. We moved piece Master Tyvernos had to Brother Indaris and prepared for it to happen.

Master Alragin has been demure and quiet this whole time and I am worried he has an agenda we will still see more of once we reach Mishala.

This portion of the pontiff’s missive had me wondering

*I know that many things were said by the imposters of all of the high officials. The only ones that survived were the Acamarch, Forenque Dnng, who gathered all those that were strong of the Light, and held the treasury, along with Ramen, Sphinx, Phoenixi, and a Great Horned Dragon named Gromhuran. The dragon had a cryptic message to you all- “All debts are paid.” I must be told that story. There is also a note here for Xerx’ses as well from him- it is well warded.*

What had the dragon sent me?

*~ The 27th of Grekar through the 2nd of Majestic~*

Overkill was taken early daytime hours. Not knowing if we would see him again but trusting in the deal that gods and men had made forward we continue under Master Mack’s guidance. It was upon the 2nd of the next month that we saw our companion returned to us! Though the amount of torture he had sustain prevented him from speaking well, a broken nose and eyes swollen near shut! He gave us his report after Brother Indaris realized the two Psychic Surgeons would be better at healing the damage of broken noses, facial scaring among other things. He did help once the underlying (?) work was done. Having been nearly burned alive in my youth over a girl I am aware of torture and I flatly refuse to relate the tales Overkill’s beatings, bleedings, scaring. Then when he told us of Mary being tortured in front of him she appeared as well!!!!!!!!!! Heavens be praised!!!!! Mary is released!!! We used the same spell of Master Tyvernos on her that we used on Master Alragin and she also was vetted on several psychic levels!!!

I am sure my companions will think me cruel and crass with the timing short people always seem to be shouting about. I hug them both having finally met the lady Overkill called ‘beloved wife’ and then took her hands in one of mine. I carefully tilted my head down to avoid pricking her with my horns and kissed her hands.

“Mary, I just wanted you to know how sorry I am for the loss of your child, my heart is yours and hurts for you.”

As one might expect the sobbing began again and Overkill hugged his wife tightly. They killed her in front of the mother, Scribe of Light, I am not these monsters. However, when I am done I will be the thing the dark fears! Mary told her tale of months of rape, beatings, and other atrocities she endured. Then Master JaDeir offered to give her ‘what I believe – I could be wrong it was hard to hear up here’ the daughter’s last memories. She declined the offer but thank him so much for his off offering of it. As they ate the evening meal I heard the couple discuss where to send her now?

Bizantium seemed to be the obvious choice but a thought had occurred to me from something Sulyott the All-Knowing had mentioned to me before. Not known for being on Hooman timing I went over and asked to take with them both. I mentioned to them that they should settle down within the Elf-Dwarf Compound within Mishala proper. Inside were the descendants of the royal families of the Elven Dragon Princes and the Stone Lords of the Dwarven Empire. They have spent all this time on learning how to overcome hate, jealousy, and the failings of arrogance, pride, and sin. The great sage said their was a timetable they were working on. When that time came they would ride forth as one host and reclaim the Old Kingdom in the name of the Light, not a pantheon but for ALL THE LIGHT!!!

I remember sitting there for a few minutes smiling stupidly was though some epiphany had been shared to them through me. I then excused myself not sure what to do next because even this host of light won’t see me for anything other than a monster.

I’m am many things right now but conflicted and hurt most of all, onward we must go regardless.

Be well good Scribe of Light,

Xerx’ses, War Wizard of CrIsis

P.S. I know you are busy but I would like to thank you for your efforts from the team for doing what many might consider a thankless job. May your days good scribe be filled with what you wish for.

Although I am no priest may the lady’s light shine on you.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
later upon the evening of the 2nd of Majestic, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. <<<

Lady Ondemira Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at
Jidian and CrIsis group picture by Jackie Ocean and Gaitkeeper.
Picture of the silver skull from I-Offer.
Cat Lord, picture courtesy of Palladium Books.
Chimera from Darksilvania

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