Robert’s First Report on CrIsis

Only a Mortal

My god, Horus, has asked me to serve this motley band, smugly calling themselves CrIsis. I, as a mere mortal, am not one to question this. The gods have shown favor to me, both Horus and Algor, so I shall make my best attempt to not question Horus’ wishes. I have also the utmost respect for you, Mr. Falimede, and will endeavor to give my pure, but still human, opinion to you as requested. My first impressions, with only a few hours spent in their company, are below.

The opening meeting in Me’zfii Onh went quite well. My human pride suffers, for serving as a first mate is after long heroic service as captain is a difficult matter. I pray to Horus for patience, for not only must I serve another, but he is a former pirate. Enough of my struggles. The group unequivocally welcomed me, and I told some of my story, mostly how I was blessed with the Hammer of Healing and the Enforcer of Light.

The ensuing days were perplexing. Upon arriving back on Matilda from Alarassa, Cava tried to put an arrow through Overkill! I witnessed this with my own eyes. Rell was locked in his room, guarded by the boy and his adult girlfriend Morgan. (What she sees in him, and why the gods endorse such a pairing, leaves me perplexed.) I suggested that the bewildering behavior may have been caused by a curse from the witch previously encountered. I was sent, without thanks, to find a priest at the next sun, which I provided, again without acknowledgement.

Here, as you had entreated, are my initial opinions of the members of CrIsis:

Overkill- Captain of Matilda. The rest seem to like and yet laugh at him. A dwarven mariner is strange already, but a dwarf that was a pirate even more off. This same dwarf being kind, generous, caring and considerate; who am I to question the gods. He seems a good soul, and I am curious to see how strong a captain he proves to be. However, he seems to love the women of the night- and this could be undoing.

Chip- An odd man. One moment a born leader, the next strangely silent. He carries weapons unseen anywhere else on Palladium, and speaks with a strange accent.

Karma- A finer example of a Palladin I have not come across. She holds herself with a regal manner, and while soft-spoken she holds all her peers attention when she speaks. I hope to serve with her in battle.

Gavin- He has power- this was evidenced when he manifested his sword. He seems far older than his years at times, yet plays with his pet monkey. I must remind myself that he is Ra’s conundrum, not my own. (His secrets are mine to keep)

Tyvernos- Why Bennu chose this one, for reasons that escape my mortal mind. He is clearly insane. He feels his dog communicates to his goddess! I am only a man… he is entertaining though.

Cava- You warned that he was gruff and moody. He is full of anger and distrust for some, yet seems loved and respected by others. He shows no signs of being an agent of evil, but an agent of anger- perhaps.

Rell- The so-called peacemaker, as you described, is very intelligent, but more hot headed than Cava! His slight build is offset by his boisterous manner.

Overall, I must trust the gods- my beloved Horus, who personally requested I serve, and the other gods which sent each of them. I long to be at sea, for there I will learn much more of their worth. They have acquired one piece of Osiris, been declared heroes of Havea (and for that story I must thank Morgan as well as you, Malkin) and are chosen by the gods.

I am only a mortal human.

Written on the 18th of Grekar by the servant of Horus, Robert the Just, in the 23rd year of King Bafag of Bizantium.

Picture by the incredible Genzoman.

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  • Interesting that he shows respect and distaste for almost every member of CrIsis. Who was the author?

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