Roggan’s Other Other Other Log!!!

Roggan sees the Fire in the Field

Roggan tired. Roggan never fight when Roggan in Wrijin. Sometimes Roggan help soldiers, give soldiers rock armor. Sometimes Roggan fix weapons, bows, arrows. But Roggan not fight. Roggan love when CrIsis in Haven, when Roggan first meet CrIsis. No Fight. Had Scary Lady there, but no fight! Roggan wish that Roggan could go back to Wrijinn. Roggan miss Wakiw. Wakiw love earth, love to grow things. Wakiw have pretty garden, even in winter. Wakiw not fight, not force Roggan to fight. But Roggan love Cow Lady. Cow Lady not make Roggan do what Roggan cannot do. Cow Lady know Roggan, and want Roggan help CrIsis. But Roggan not happy when CrIsis fight. Roggan tired of fighting.

Roggan remember Murodin. Murodin sometimes make Roggan do mean things. Sometimes Murodin sell gold Roggan make. Murodin say Murodin only sell to mean men. Roggan still feel bad. Roggan stop making gold for Murodin. Rock friends like to look pretty, so Roggan still make Gold, but Roggan not show people anymore. Roggan feel Cow Lady maybe make Roggan do mean things! But Cow Lady love Roggan. Roggan know this.

Roggan scare Roggan sometimes. When CrIsis need help, Roggan help! But Roggan do mean things! Roggan not like how Roggan do things sometimes. Almost kill Glebba. Almost kill Crisis in Tower too. Roggan make wall, so mean orcs and big titans not chase CrIsis. When CrIsis go back, Roggan take away wall, and tower almost fall on CrIsis! Roggan fault! Roggan talk to muddy rock brother, Rock brother tell Roggan that it not Roggan fault, that Elements not do what ‘lockie want always. Elements not think like Roggan think. But Roggan smart. Roggan talk to Elements like baby. Elements smart, but Elements not nice, sometimes. Roggan need to tell Elements how to do things, so Elements not hurt Roggan and CrIsis. You not tell Muddy Rock Brother Roggan say this, but sometimes Muddy Rock Brother not smart, too – Like Elements.

Roggan just want show CrIsis Roggan is smart. Roggan know how to help. Roggan know how to love, too. Roggan want to help everyone, and Cow Lady say that help Crisis to do this. Roggan see Tyvo do big things with Wind Brother. Tyvo make crackling arrows for Cava. For Jiddy, too. Cava and Jiddy love cracking arrows Tyvo make. Roggan wish Roggan could make crackling arrows. But Roggan make stone armor for Overky, to show Roggan can help. Tyvo respect Roggan. Roggan respect Tyvo, too. Roggan love Tyvo. Roggan want to talk to Otto, like Tyvo talk to Otto. But Roggan not know how. Bluto not talk to Tyvo, like Bluto talk to Roggan. Roggan not know why. Roggan talk to Bluto, because Bluto smart. Bluto know Runes, know Enchantmies, know ‘Magic.’ Bluto help Roggan open doors, make sure doors not have bad magic; make sure not hurt CrIsis. Roggan open some doors, too. Make wood go away. Roggan open wall on the side of bad door, so CrIsis can get to…

But Roggan smart. Roggan help Jiddy and Northies get back the evil glaive. This a good thing. Roggan proud Roggan help CrIsis do this. After Muddy Rock Brothers take down walls, CrIsis go through. Roggan see mean evil people. Hear chanting. Roggan feel scared, but Roggan not run away. Roggan give Overky rock armor, so Overky not die again. Roggan never think Roggan ever die. Never ever. Roggan never do this before. Never fight. Roggan never need to show Roggan smart. Roggan never get hurt so bad. But mean evil people… Deevils?… hurt Muddy Rock Brothers, hurt Roggan! Roggan scrape knee before, Roggan get cut, Roggan toe get smashed. But Roggan never see so much of Roggan blood. Roggan tell Muddy Rock Brother to run. Muddy Rock Brothers get hurt, too. Roggan hear it in Mud Brother voice. Roggan never feel so scared! Roggan pray to Cow Lady, Roggan never miss Wrijinn and Wakiw so much! Roggan get hit again. CrIsis disappear. Mean Deevils disappear. Nice Wolf lady disappear. Wolf lady remind Roggan of Wakiw. Wakiw make Roggan think about Wrijin. Wrijin…

Roggan stop thinking. Roggan stop breathing. Roggan stop feeling.

Roggan wake up in field, feel like Cow Lady field!!! Roggan so happy! But Roggan hear fire. Roggan jump up, for run, but Scary Lady say ‘It’s all right, child, do not fear me.’ Scary Lady! Tyvo like Scary Lady, but Roggan not know why. Scary lady always have fire. Roggan always think Scary Lady burn Roggan if Roggan look at Scary Lady wrong. Roggan want to run, want to run more than when Roggan not want to go into the room behind the bad door.

‘Sc .. scary lady want what with Roggan?’

‘I have been watching you, and have seen that Apis was correct in choosing you. CrIsis is in
need of you.’

‘Scary lady like Roggan?’ Roggan ask. Roggan not believe that Scary Lady talk to Roggan in this way.

‘I can be very scary, this is true. But I respect Roggan.’

Scary Lady say she respect Roggan! Respect not the same as Love. ‘Scary Lady like Overky?’

‘The Dwarf needs to remember that running in to battle, and running away from battle are not the only thigs to be done. His heart is strong though, and he is good.’

‘Roggan dead, scary lady?’ Roggan scared to ask this, but Roggan think it true. Scared it true. Roggan need answer.

‘You could have been, but I have intervened. Anubis will not have you yet.’

‘Scary Lady hear my prayer to Cow lady?’

‘Yes, I have, and this is one of the reasons I am here. You have the reverence that much of CrIsis is missing. Just remember, that you must try to do all that is in your own power before calling upon the gods. You must praise us as well as beg for help.’ Scary Lady not so scary, sound like Wakiw when Roggan make big mistake. Roggan hear love and worry in Scary Lady’s voice.

‘Ok, scary la…. Roggan mean bennu. What kind of name Bennu?’

‘It is the name I have chosen for myself.’

‘Roggan like the name Bennu.’

‘Help crIsis find their way. There are walls that must be gone through.’

‘Ok, Roggan do Roggan best. Roggan make Bennu proud.’

Roggan wake up, feel like Roggan get out of under water, so Roggan breathe again!! But room not look different. Still have mean Deevils, still have big mean man, with the evil glaive, ready to kill Wolf lady. Roggan want to cry! But Roggan not give up. Roggan need to show Bennu and Cow Lady, show CrIsis and Jiddy that Roggan brave. That Roggan smart. That Roggan can help. Roggan make Roggan hands covered in rock again. But then Jiddy used Magic Club! Make all the mean Deevils and the Big Mean Man disappear!! Roggan so happy, Roggan run and give Wolf lady a big hug! Roggan need to sleep. Roggan so tired, but Roggan think Roggan can fight with CrIsis. Roggan excited to make new friends, meet new rock friends, and help save Osiris god.

>>As scrawled by Roggan on Majestic 19 in the year 111.<<

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