Roggan’s Other Other Log!!!

Orcsies, Godsies and Prayers

Roggan like new CrIsis friends. Roggan play with CrIsis, Roggan know CrIsis.


Roggan afraid of Cava when Roggan meet CrIsis. Roggan think Cava hurt Roggan, Cava have mad face, not dance with Roggan and CrIsis. Cava not talk to Roggan. When CrIsis go to Mattle ship Cava watch, not ask questions like others. But when others done ask questions, Cava give Roggan new Rock Friend!!! Poor rock friend not talk to Roggan, but Roggan not afraid of Cava. Cava open bad box for Overky. Cava nice, love friend Overky. Roggan like Cava when Roggan see Cava love CrIsis friends. Roggan name new Rock friend Gina Gentle Gypsum Geode. Gina pretty, Roggan put Gina in special sack with other special rock friends. Roggan sad Cava have curse! Roggan wish Bluto know how to take curse from Cava! But Roggan draw picture for Cava, Roggan thank Cava for Rock Friend Gina


Gavin fun. Roggan like Gavin. But Roggan not know Gavin. Gavin like kid, then Gavin like adult. Strange, but Roggan like Gavin still. Gavin pray for Drua. Gavin love CrIsis too. Gavin ask Roggan for something for know Roggan. Roggan think, then Roggan give Sally Silly Slick Stone to Gavin. Sally with Roggan for a long time. Roggan hope Sally happy with Gavin.


Roggan like Overky. Roggan scared Overky die! CrIsis go to Scary Lady temple, and Scary Lady yell at Overky. Overky sad, and Scary Lady say “Kill Overkill.” Roggan tell Scary Lady “Don’t kill Overky!!” and Scary Lady yell at Roggan, too. Overky get bad box after party with Eye of Venjy. Roggan say Rock Friends help open box, but Tyvo not let Roggan ask Rock Friends.


Roggan really like Airfriend Tyvo! When Roggan get Gina from Cava, Tyvo hear Roggan talk to Gina in rock language. Tyvo know rock language!! Roggan surprised Tyvo know Rock language, and Tyvo surprised Roggan speak Rock Language, Roggan talk in Rock Language to Tyvo. Tyvo call Roggan Warlock, name Wakiw said mean ‘Friend of Ele’ … um.. ‘Things.’ Roggan is Rockfriend, Tyvo is Airfriend. This not make sense to Roggan. Roggan talk to Rock, Wood and Metal. Not know who Tyvo talk to. But Tyvo do big things! Tyvo stop arrows in air! Roggan throw rocks at air Tyvo talk to, and rocks bounce! Roggan want to show Tyvo Roggan do things too. Roggan make rock friends make armor for Roggan. Tyvo laugh at Roggan, dancing in Rock Armor. Arrows hurt poor man in crowd. CrIsis take man to Inn, Gavin help man, but man run away! Tyvo and Roggan get food, but Bluto not want food. After Tyvo and Roggan done eating, CrIsis go to Temple. Tyvo like Scary Lady! Tyvo pray to Scary Lady, give gold to Scary Lady. Tyvo say Roggan should give to Scary Lady, too. Roggan not like that. Roggan run to Cow-Lady temple and give silly wet mud friend, so Cow-Lady not feel sad. Roggan love Cow-Lady. Tyvo and Roggan friends.


Roggan not know Vandur. Vandur kinda quiet. Roggan talk to Bluto about Vandur, Bluto say Vandur is a Titan. Say Vandur from cold mountains, like Wakiw. Vandur love Osiris. Roggan see picture on Vandur Shield, means Osiris. Roggan make spoons dance with Vandur, but Vandur not dance with spoons. Roggan start dancing with spoons, so spoons not feel sad. Vandur have Grifun. Grifun big! When Vandur say have Grifun, Roggan remember Murodin, my silly horsie in Mattle ship. Roggan run to see Murodin. Roggan hear spoons fall down. Clumsy spoons. Roggan see the walls and ceilings high now! Big, so Roggan ride Murodin inside ship!! Roggan see Murodin happy for see Roggan. Roggan know Murodin like lick smooth rock friends. Roggan give Murodin rock for lick, Murodin nod head. Roggan ride Murodin upstairs, but Murodin trip! Roggan hit … ‘mast.’ Not sure what ‘mast’ for, but Roggan not like ‘mast.’ Vandur see Murodin. CrIsis like Murodin… Mean Cava say “Eat Horsie!” but give Roggan Gina, so Roggan forgive Cava. Mean orcs shoot Vandur. Vandur get mad, but arrows not hurt Vandur! Vandur strong!! Vandur show Vandur love CrIsis, want protect CrIsis. Roggan like Vandur.


Cava give Gina to Roggan. Roggan thank Cava. Roggan ask Gina questions. “Hi, how are you? What your name? You pretty rock friend. You have other rock friends? Mean tall man do something to you? Have prisoners?” Because Gina not say Cava have prisoners, Roggan forgive Cava. Roggan not like people that have prisoners. It Mean!!! Gina happy now!

Bishie Rose:

Bishie Rose nice!! Roggan love Rose. Rose cry for Cava, try heal Cava. Rose give CrIsis clothes! Look good. Roggan wear Rose clothes everywhere. Roggan give Rose Amethyst. Amethyst pink, Roggan think Rose like pink.

Pink Sand:

Roggan find Pink Sand in Haven. Roggan get barrel of sand for trip. Roggan make sand, but Roggan not like make sand. Sand Roggan make not like sand Roggan not make. So Roggan take sand with CrIsis on boat. Roggan make marbles, too. Roggan make marbles with clay. Marbles fun game.

Silly playing people:

Roggan hurt silly playing people. Playing people not tell Roggan about game, so Roggan not play! Roggan feel sad. Roggan talk to Cow-Lady. Roggan say, ‘Cow lady tell Roggan to talk to her. Roggan sorry for not talk. Roggan mean to playing peoples. Roggan feel bad! Roggan ask Cow Lady help silly happy playing people. Roggan get scared with zapping arrows, and CrIsis worried faces. Roggan Love Cow Lady. Good Night, Cow Lady.’ Roggan hope Roggan see playing peoples again.


Mean orcs try to hurt CrIsis!! Roggan not let mean orcs hurt CrIsis. Roggan have rock friends help protect crisis. But Roggan not careful!! Roggan almost kill silly bard man, Glebba. Roggan make rock friends called Maggima stop mean orcs, Roggan yell, ‘GRUNTY ORCS NOT HURT CRISIS FRIENDS! FERVE TERRA E FOGO!’ But Glebba next to orcs! Roggan not see Glebba there, or Roggan not call Maggima. Roggan stop, Roggan feel so sad!! Roggan think Roggan kill Glebba! Roggan cry to Cow-Lady. Roggan say, ‘Cow-Lady! Roggan do bad thing!! Roggan not mean to, but Roggan do bad, mean thing to Glebba! Glebba die. Glebba love CrIsis, help CrIsis, and Roggan kill Glebba! Roggan sorry. Roggan not know if Roggan right for CrIsis. Roggan sent to CrIsis for show Love. What Roggan do for two days? Hurt happy playing people, and hurt happy Glebba! Roggan promise Roggan not talk to Maggima again, Cow-Lady save Glebba? Roggan promise, show love more. Roggan make CrIsis laugh more. Roggan sorry! Roggan love CrIsis. Roggan love Apis! Please, Apis Cow-Lady!!!’ Cow-Lady tell Roggan that Roggan forgiven, sound like thunder. Roggan jump, Fight mean Orcs, Cow-Lady save Glebba!!!! Roggan give Glebba marble. Special blue marble. Roggan so happy orcs not hurt CrIsis! Roggan tell Maggima go away, CrIsis dance after leave orcs!

>>As scrawled by Roggan on Majestic 19 in the year 111.<<

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