Running Down a Dream

Working on a mystery, going wherever it leads

Entry #146 CONTINUED

Assassins. That was what was happening. Before we knew it we were outnumbered four to one by Assassins of the God Panath. We were woefully unprepared for such a coordinated attack against us in a place like this. Both Merkl and Torrun fell to their whittling strikes. Willy was the first to run for his life. Based on how the battle was going I believe that he and his eagle friend made the right decision. Quickly we all came to that same realization – staying here would be certain death. We needed a strategic withdrawl. Grignak was the next to retreat as soon as the moment presented itself. Finally Ursus and I followed suit. The two of us carried our dying friends with us before the assassins could take them from us forever.

The Gods sent a temporary ally to help us once our friends had fallen. This Dwarven warrior called himself Arn. He was a valiant warrior but he was also fond of making long speeches. “Use these on me if I ever monologue like he does.” That was something Willy said to me as he handed me two spikes. Of course that was after we met back up at the docks. We successfully revived our fallen friends. Arn disappeared mid-speech as they recovered. Wasting no more time we all of us took the boats back to the relative safety of the Shield of Light.

Looking back at the docks we could see the assassins begin to gather in force. A leader stepped forward. Through the cold driving rain he demanded that we admit they had bested us. Our bodies may have been wounded but our pride was still unbroken. Torrun and Ursus made unsavory comments back to them filled with what they might have perceived as empty threats. But I know my friends better than that. Those were certainly promises – not threats. The Assassins seemed to indicate we had not seen the last of them. Then they melded back into the crowds. I continued to watch the shore and docks of Me’zfii Onh as we rowed away. Before the rain finally obscured my view I witnessed the tired and weary refugees struggle against the relentless cold rain we summoned. They huddled together in their meager shelters in order to try and protect themselves from this downpour the best they could. The rain certainly should have put out the remaining fires by now but it seemed to be doing them little good in the chill air of Northern winter.

Entry #147

The Shield of Light set sail immediately upon our return. It took us a short while to decide on a destination. Finally we decided Bizantium. It was the closest place around us to a “safe” port. While we sailed we witnessed a Magic Eagle arrive that was being attacked by a Magic Hawk. I was immediately thankful again to Xerx’ses for providing us with these Eagles. Without them we surely would’ve lost this message. It was a letter from our friend Malkin with a dire warning about the assassins waiting for us in Me’zfii Onh. Though it arrived too late it did shed some light on why they were waiting for us and what their goal was. I hope Xerx’ses is doing well wherever he is now, and that his daughter is also well after her ordeal.

Later that evening I personally received a letter of thanks from the Elven girls I met and helped back in Renvin. I’m glad they’re doing well. That letter reminded me though that I should also write a message of thanks, to Malkin.

To Our Friend Malkin,

This is a letter from Silent Dream. I would like to thank you for your recent letter to us about your research into Hades. I would also like to thank you for your letter of warning about the assassins. Sadly that letter arrived too late. We received the letter shortly after we narrowly escaped the assassins with our lives. The Magic Eagle which brought it was delayed because it was attacked by a Magical Hawk. Knowing the motivations of the Panath assassins will help if we should encounter them again.

The map of Hades you sent us will be a big help to our quest. I am not sure when we’ll be able to meet with you in person. Every day we travel further from the island of Y-Oda and the library. Right now our future course is even more uncertain as we come to terms with the aftermath of our ambush by the assassins of Panath. So please do not think us rude if it is some time before we make it back to Bletherad to visit you.

Currently Cynopolis looms heavy over our future. I do not know if you or the Great Library has any information about Cynopolis which could help us in recovering the Left Hand of Great Osiris from the clutches of The Dark. But if you know of anything or come across anything which could prove useful would you be able to share it with us?

Thank-you for your help and all you do for CrIsis.

Silent Dream. of Dream Lake. and of CrIsis.

Entry #148

Willy invited us to gather together in his room to relax and recover. I shared with the others what remained of my smokeable gift from The Nameless Man. It was potent stuff that was given to him from the Tree of Life itself. Together we climbed the great mountain in Willy’s room. We talked about strategies and our next course of action. Specifically our need for more strategy. That all ended when Willy summoned his Great Magical Eagle to show us what he could do. The massive magical bird shattered the walls of the rooms as it appeared. In a panic Torrun tried to fight it. The Eagle grabbed him and flew off through the hull of the ship. This left a giant Eagle-shaped hole in the hull which exposed Willy’s room fully to the elements.

Before I knew it Ursus was in the water swimming after the two of them. It took much of my power to keep Ursus from being left behind in the water. The Eagle eventually released Torrun into the water. Both of them were safely recovered. Willy’s room however was demolished. I offered for him and his brother to stay with me if they wished. Willy told me he had it covered. I didn’t argue with him – I like my room’s walls as they currently are.

Entry #149

I am still unclear as to what to do about my memories. I’ve read through my previous journal entries. They definitely do not line up with what I “remember” writing. Further proof of what I was can be found in the many letters I have held onto. Moli, Red Snow, Cherkanan, Malkin, and beautiful Rolling Hills. Reading back through all their letters finally makes me understand what Osiris and CrIsis tried to tell me. I should not be a Goblin. I never was a Goblin. I am a Kankoran.

But this revelation has not shattered the false memories nor revealed the real ones. I have been meditating on this problem. The others overcame their curses with the intervention and blessing of the Gods. But the Gods could not help me. Is this a test of my own abilities? I am the Demigod of Psionics. Perhaps the Gods believe that problems like this should be something I can overcome on my own. So I will not pray for them to fix this for me. Instead I will pray in thanks for this opportunity to grow. I will pray in thanks for all that has already been provided by Them. And I will especially pray in gratitude to Lady Isis and Mighty Ra for allowing Great Apis to place me here among the other champions of Isis. Within Her CrIsis.

Entry #151

…so all things considered, our combat practices are actually going rather well. The crew has been very helpful in simulating some of the situations we have faced in the past. This was such an important thing to do. I only regret that it never occurred to me before now. Despite my time in the Wolfen Empire I just never thought about CrIsis doing something as basic as this. I finally have hope that what happened in Me’zfii Onh will never be repeated again.

Despite our best efforts during this training some crew members have managed to get injured…

Entry #152

…then I came to another realization. Rolling Hills definitely knew me as a Kankoran. Not as a Goblin. Would she still feel the same way about me now? I wondered if such a thing would have mattered to Cherkanan. She was a Human who had chosen to love a non-human when she confessed to me. I was already not of her race. I think there is a term for this idea, isn’t there? A term for the fact that I spurned Cherkanan’s feelings in favor of a relationship with a woman of my race, and now that I am cursed to be another race I wonder if Rolling Hills will still care for me the same way? I feel like the term has something to do with laundry but I can’t quite recall it…

Entry #153

We have arrived in Bizantium!

Note: These excerpts are from Silent Dream’s journal. They were written in Elven, on parchment paper between the 5th and the 9th of Od, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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  • Love the introspection! Also love Dream being happy to keep his walls intact. .
    “I felt so good like anything was possible”

  • “Despite our best efforts during this training some crew members have managed to get injured…” You mean, we basically tried NOT to kill them out right, on purpose.

  • I love the laundry comment! The praise for Xerx’ses, and completely nailing Torrun’s reactions. Bravo!

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