Saga Of The Most Dangerous Man In The World

To my lovely lifemate, Chieftain Laval’liere Lightbringer,

It’s only been a month and I am already in the thick of it once more. Out of all the things I will relay know that I have a chance to finally become part of the world around us! I am running for the chance to be elected to triumvirate of the Tri-Arcanum Guild! Its one of the three leadership positions, and its makeup is broken down fairly easily:

  • Weavers – Wizards, Diabolists, and Summoners
  • Granted – Warlocks, Priests
  • Internalists – All Psychics

There was a great war waged between the Hoomans and the Wolfen. It, along with a few other wars, are being fostered by the Pantheon of Taut. In a very directed attempt to try and pull us away from rebuilding my lord and savior, the Lawgiver. They have failed and this war of Hooman and Wolf is over. Thanks to the bravery of a group called the Eye of Vengeance, that killed a demon influencing the most powerful leader among the Nations in the East. During this conflagration of nations in I believe one of the final battles my friend and head of the Weavers – Master Kel-Ed – was slain. The road is hard but if I can interpose myself into such an established piece of society then I can start working on bridging the gap for Minotaurs of the Light to walk in the day once again.

~ The 14th of GRYPHON ~

We left Bletherad and headed for Haven aboard Rogtilda. It was to be a short trip for resupply and stopping at the Gold Coast Trading Company to pick up our cut of book sales. Interestingly I think we may be shy only a single day or two from the prior year when we last stopped by? However, if you’re on a quest for the Gods just remember that you can be summoned at a moment’s notice even from sleep! So bright and early in the morning that is exactly what happened to us at breakfast on board the ship in galley. At least I am told everyone else were all breakfast. I had been feeling tired which was strange because ever since becoming immortal that really hasn’t bothered me all that much. I arrived among the great table sitting next to the disembodied pieces that helped to hold together the Lawgiver himself! Master Grignak was next to Bast while Master Dream was next to Apis, or “cow-lady” as Roggan might say. Next but certainly not last was Khonsu with Master Ursus between him and Horus, and the “Man With No Name” was on the other side also next to Bennu.

Father Indaris was next to Isis on one side and the other had Jidian Kulder! The “Most Dangerous Man In The World” has returned once again so I was a little worried when I saw ReSet siting amongst the Pantheon of Taut! For a clear moment I thought we had made it to the final battle because Set is clearly aware of our presence now. If Jidian was not here to help us fight the Gods we would be on guard for an attack in the future!

Then the God of Darkness spoke citing I had become a Demi-God!!! I frantically tried to whisper that it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t know the spell. I had not wanted to tell anyone I was awake, in my room floating over my bed and completely unsure of how to make it stop! It was then decided between Ra, Set, Isis, and Anubis that ReSet would have a member elevated and should other members of either team merit the accolade of becoming a Demi-God then they would also be elevated! I heard the Lawgiver’s voice, which is strange watching a dead transparent God expend energy to let me know I had become the God of Vows and Oaths! I don’t know if this means I need a shrine or priests! Wow I will have to table those thoughts for later, but sweetheart you are married to a Demi-God now.


They re-negotiated the Agreement among them and before they ended with making sure both ReSet and CrIsis had no issues Anubis tried to get a concession about something that already was in play against us. Khonsu’s Reaper (Master No Name) called him on it which made for an awkward silence and a stifled giggle from Bast.

When we were sent back the crew said no time had passed and aside from seeing Jidian and myself in the galley nothing had changed. We made port in Haven to resupply and pay for it by visiting the Gold Coast Trading Company and picking up our cut of the sales on the Books of CrIsis. The last item of note was watching Master Dream have a starstruck moment when he got to scout with Jidian upon our arrival in Haven. I know he was embarrassed to say the least and he felt it was just an honor to have spent time with him.

~ The 17th of GRYPHON ~

I asked Silent Dream or Master Dream, as he doesn’t seem to mind either reference to him. Well, I asked him to help me share my memories of the time spent among the Minotaurs, our new “Tribe”, and my marriage to you. You read the books so you know that Kom’var Spellborn is my clone of me from before I made myself into an immortal. I wanted him to know about the lovely community that awaits him when this quest is over and we can come home! When the Exodus is complete and our Tribe is once more in Fort Etrinan please write me. Speaking of homecomings would you also tell my father I think I have figured out a way to resurrect Zeelik! With a friend’s help I need to test my theory first. If it works then he needs to hold onto the rune-mace they’re both bonded to, Anzuroq. It will be the key, and ritual would need to be done in Troker to work. Now, I just hope we can bring back, Master Overkill to prove my theory and give his two living children a father. Hearing Honeysuckle tend to one of Master Overkill’s children was weighing down my heart to much not to try this.

As far as I know the mind bond worked and Kom’var knows about the wonderful developments awaiting us when we accomplish the impossible. It was great to see Annie come dancing in with a jug of carrot juice. She asked, and I confirmed that I had a work in progress theory on how to unlock the Spell of Legend to permanently change her into a Minotaur. I know that may seem strange but her life and how she wants to live it is up to her. I want her to come and stay with the tribe when possible so she can get a much better understanding of what she is asking. The way she looks at him I hope I’m proving myself worthy of such looks from you, sweetheart.

I miss you.

~ The 19th of GREKAR ~

We have arrived in Credia this evening, just after the day’s 20th hour bell had rung out through the city. We had scavenged every bit of diamond dust and any stones among all of us so Rogtilda could fly nearly all the way! Most of it came from our Troll Shaman. Those book sales were impressive to say the least. Even in the aftermath of sunset you should have seen the sight of setting down into the harbor slip from the sky! Roggan’s spirit is so intertwined with the ship, once called Matilda, that I don’t believe that the ship will stay behind when his soul enters the Ma’ip.

I was fortunate to have enough rest between Master Jershon and Master Attel helping me with piloting the ship. To be fair I think both of them just wanted to say they were “Sky Pirates” once upon a time. The rest they afforded me allowed me to fill up my Talisman coins and Magos with mystical energy. Once there we informed (as though a ship lading out of the sky into and open slip wasn’t a big enough announcement) the King’s messenger of our needs and the good Hooman helped to arrange everything including guards to help offload everything but the chapel, ballista, and Master Cava’s warded chest. Father Indaris and I had to move our own warded chests to prevent accidental murder if someone else touched it. The crew has been given quarters in the building given to us to store everything in. A representative of King Guy sent word that Honeysuckle, as one of the companions of the late Master Overkill was to be escorted with her child to the castle and given rooms befitting a visiting dignitary of another kingdom.

While that was happening each member of CrIsis said their final farewells to Roggan. I gathered sand from the beach of the land he wished to die in and spread it upon the deck so he knew he was home. Master Ursus did a back rub on the main mast and Master Dream said some nice words to Apis: “O Kindest of the gods, accept your faithful servant Roggan into your domain.” Jidian said his farewells, “Roggan, Old Friend! Take now your final flight! Isis protect you as you travel to your final place. The Legion of Northmoor salutes you!” our good father said a prayer to Isis for she brought us all together.

O’ ETERNAL Goddess Isis, she of countless names; who hast compassed the waters with bounds, until day and night come to an end; Be pleased to receive into thy Almighty and most gracious protection, the persons of us thy servants, and the Ship in which we serve. Preserve us from the dangers of the sea, and from the violence of the enemy; that we may be a safeguard unto Credia, and a security for such as pass on the seas upon their lawful occasions; that the inhabitants of our land may in peace and quietness serve thee our Goddess; and that we may return in safety to enjoy the blessings of the land, with the fruits of our labour; and, with a thankful remembrance of thy mercies, to praise and glorify thy holy Name.

Master Crow made the call for the tolling of the final bell at Master Jershon’s order. Jershon lowered the Flags of CrIsis and Timiro to half mast. With that CrIsis was left alone aboard the deck of the ship as everyone got ready for the teleport to Wisdom and the lobby of the Tri-Arcanum Guild. Only that is not where we appeared! Voice belonging to a Weaver member known as Gul spoke to us, “CrIsis, we were waiting for you.” With that we noticed 4 balls of lightning on the edge of the circle we appeared at on the roof of the Tri-Arcanum!!! With that I could see mages hands making the rote gestures to focus their minds and the arcane words to channel their inner soul into a direct physical manifestation of their will upon what we call reality.

Now was the time.

I gripped my bottom lip as I knew how to cast magic with no outward sign, and began two things. A Fleet Feet Spell in my head. Then to combine the power of my divine nature and my races charging power into a “FLYING CHARGE” at the one calling himself Alarin. Whom was screaming at the one called Gul, “Why in HADES IS THE MINOTAUR WEARING ARMOR!! YOU SAID HE WAS A WIZARD!!” Like many first time processes of knowledge mixed with power it worked and failed SPECTACULARLY!!! The flying charge was successful in attempt but my execution need practice because I missed him. I could still hear him crash into the stone roof as he dodged out of the way, “GUL! WHAT IN HADES!!! HE’S FLYING WITHOUT MAGIC!!! YOU LIED GUL!!”



The controller of the Lightning Balls used them to erect a lightning barricade around the rest of CrIsis, stupid. They even try to take Master Ursus down with a mixture of Psychic and Magic attacks. Only Father Indaris moves next to him and places a similar Invincible Aura upon him. I can see and smell the magic of Ithan’s Magic Armor Spell upon all of them as a warrior wearing Lopnel’s symbol charges the group through only to be nearly incinerated by the great Jidian and his magical arrow which burst into a ball of fire so prolific even the magical protections were rendered ineffective! Tulgas the warrior was disintegrated into pieces of ash shortly after that by a Cyclops lightning arrow from the same bow! I tried making another pass at Gul and yet my aim was off but I able to parry his runic looking staff. Father Indaris, I noticed has positioned himself in the middle of the group still in the lightning ring. It was how he was able to bestow the magic on Master Ursus. Almost everyone is moving so fast their movements are a blur, however, at my speed flying they all look like slow moving near dead Cyclops Spiders. The Man with no Name, deftly leaps on Master Ursus’ shoulders, then in an amazing feat he flips OVER the electric field as Ursus dodges another assault. Master No Name begins to assault those outside of the Lightning ring.

Shaman Grignak, seemingly vexed as I make another pass hitting almost everyone attacking us with a blast of chain lighting rushes through the lightning ring to get to an Internalist member that had gone by the name Folwin. These attackers were all friends of Malah and must know about his death at my hands. With more scars to add to his already impressive collection, visibly hurt. Alarin, decided to brave the lightning ring and moves into the center with CrIsis. Realizing his mistake to late he takes an arrow shot from Jidian, seriously winging him, then our hugh hairy bear LEAPS up over everyone and lands directly on his head! The blood splatter is everywhere for those in the lightning ring! I can smell the burning flesh and blood out here! GROSS!

Gul called out to me to give up leave the Tri-Arcanum, and he would let my friends live. I had this great line in my head of, “I am Xerx’ses! The Unyielding Strength of Osiris! History will not remember you among my defeated foes.” However, flying has been my dream since I was a wee child and what actually came out was my child-like glee with a bombastic, “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Folwin manages to drop Grignak and I blast almost everyone again with more chains of lightning! What no one realized is that I am slowly lining up for another flying charge but I am drifting around the tower out of range for most attacks against me. I can see people standing outside inns and taverns looking up at the light show happening atop the Tri-Arcanum tower and ECHOING over the city! So much for a discrete visit. When the odds were 3 to 1 against Master No Name. Our newest member, Silent Dream, used his mental powers to drop a column of flame down upon two of them. Urgrul was the last of the trio and paying attention to Master No Name he never saw me line up behind him. Father Indaris successfully used magic to weigh down Gul’s staff dropping it to the stone. Our foes began to retreat but not before Master Ursus avenges Shaman Grignak upon killing Folwin in a brutish way. Master Dream grabbed one called Delgum and pulled him through the lightning ring killing him.

Then I went and BOOM I made contact with Ulgrul and hit him so hard instead of knocking him down I knocked him into the lightning ring! He managed to flee with Gul and another but they’ll feel that in the morning. Besides I think Gul sold the fight as being much easier against a dumb Minotaur Wizard. However, I am no longer just a dumb wizard. I pen this with a final thought as we regroup on the tower’s roof.

“I am Xerx’ses! Demi-god of Oaths and Vows in the Pantheon of Ra! The Unyielding Strength of Osiris! My word is my will!”

Etrinus Fortem my love,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
Immortal War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent near the witching hour at night upon end of the 12th of Gryphon, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345th year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<
Pictures by AZ_Rune. Line art on final picture done jointly by @Viktormon on Twitter & @AZ_Rune, color by AZ_Rune.

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