Seagulls and Swells with Briny Trial Bombshells

These pigeons should have flown back-to-back as one is a continuation of the other. Depending on the weather you might just be receiving the first one.

So where was I?

Ah yes, later that night — Indaris and Ja’Deir were with Elanu. I was with Xerxes and Overkill. We need sleep for the Trials on the morrow. We had recently discovered that the head of household had gone missing and was the possible mole for the Dark. I had given the Rune Arrow to Evan Eastwood and made Natura happy. Elanu had just invited me to come back and visit him (alone) after the business with the Trials.

So yes — it being super late and all we weren’t deterred from stirring up a little trouble. I mean, just because I could care less about some silly set of games doesn’t mean that I’m beholden to the same rules, regulations, and sleep-deprivation penalties. Besides, Xerxes tells me that the “Sustain” spell in conjunction with “Cleanse” are the magical equivalent of 8 hours of sleep, a four-course meal, a bathhouse, soap, serving girls, and the emperor’s brand-new clothes. Why would I ever sleep or bathe EVER again? Lazy wizards…

We decided to metamorphose into seagulls and head back over to the safe house and prowl our way into some reconnaissance now that the attack has JUST finished. This would be an opportune time to drop-eaves on the gloating Dark victors and determine our next move with some valuable intelligence. We got to the house and I wasted no time finding a secret compartment for the seagulls to go inside. We saw an apothecary shop and the old lady and the invisible guys and the man talking to Joe. We planted a magical scrying tile there and noticed that everyone is wearing the same amulets we found on the guys who were trying to steal our shit out of our rooms at the manor. It appeared as though the invisible guys were taking orders from the old man and old woman — the old folks seemed to be in charge. They were talking about the location of the search party. The old lady reporting to the old man. Okay, this lead is exhausted for the time-being and the scrying tile should (with Ja’Deir’s help) keep us well informed.

We returned to the manor and not moments later we heard that Mikala has returned! I test the veracity of this fact with the Gem of Reality. He was in fact himself and he spoke plainly of his date tonight — he was drunk until Indaris cured him of the toxins. He didn’t really seem to give a fuck that minions of the Dark invaded the house. This guy was getting on my nerves. I am tempted to aerially bombard him seagull style.

The head chamberlain had disappeared and he was probably the one who let the demons into the compound.

We turn to Mikala for questioning but get nowhere and bade him to take us to his date for the night — the beautiful woman we saw him with earlier at the games. And on a round-about way it appeared as though he was leading us to the apothecary. Great Winds! This guy is as crooked as an ogre’s silver dollar!. Indaris noticed that Mikala was shying away from him and staying further away the mace. When he tested this theory his mace turned black! Then he threw the mace up in the air and EXPEL DEMONS! I stepped forward to the guards and wind-rushed the shit out of them. I then cast a sphere of silence to cover our actions from prying ears in the streets at 3am.

All but one guard were blown away and he attacked me but I simultaneous-attacked with a wind-rush and then he got blown away as well. When the Banishment went off Mikala disappears. Our cover is blown. We have to get to the apothecary and capitalize on what little time we have. We then decided that I and Tranny would fly back to the manor and retrieve Overkill and Xerxes so we could go EN MASSE and IN FORCE to ransack the apothecary and blow up their motherfuckin’ spot. I offered up a prayer to Bennu before leaving.

Bennu, My Lady Phoenix, wreathed in flame. Guide me with your light and bless my actions as your scion. We work, steadfast and resolute, in your name. Faithfully.

I got back, woke up Overkill and Xerxes, and then inform Elanu that his brother was actually a demon in disguise masquerading as Mikala.

We go to the apothecary and kill everyone who didn’t escape using the amulets and find a hidden passage into some tunnels. We managed to keep one dude alive and prevented him from teleport-escaping. We get 3000gp in loot and a partridge in a pear tree for our trouble. Xerxes burned the fuckin’ place to the ground and then, like the motherfuckin’ CULT OF PERSONALITY, he convinced the town crier to sing our praises since we vanquished a known hive of Dark Denizens and they lauded praises and accolades on us in the street. THAT XERXES IS INCREDIBLE!?!?! I don’t know how he convinced them so…convincingly!

I offered up another prayer to my lady and decided to get loaded before the Trials.

Holy Phoenix, Lady of Fire — Thank you for your blessing and your love. Guide my hand, in your name, that I may wrest from the dark a servant of evil and end his intolerable labors and service to our enemies. In your name…

The Trials happened. I think. These are the concerns of men. I used my time wisely catching up on my sleep as Xerxes was too busy painting the town red and painting its wives WHITE…to indulge me with a little Sustain or Cleanse.

Quoth the seagull:

Goodnight Sweet Prince!
Written by Tyvernos on…an unknown date, in the 69th year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture by “PatriciaVazquez”
Picture by “OscarCelestini”
Picture by “Otiam”
Picture by “trying2findmydestiny”

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