Seba Answers

The Poem Revealed


I have been released from my captivity, and wish to share with you the poem that we worked so hard to put together.

This is the answer from all of the Seba symbols, found at the Seed Libraries. I hope that it will help, and is not too late.

It makes clear more understanding of a word,
And glass hum hymns like a singing bird
Ice alone would be just water
And a ring without, not of promise, but just like any other.

_Handwritten note upon a torn leaf from a book, written in ink. Delivered by a well-trained arctic tern. Curiously, it was dated yesterday, though an experience sailor would know that it is at least a four to five day journey as the crow flies. Must just be in error. That crazy old Ley-Rhy!_

Post Script Note from Malkin
Ley-Rhy actually asked me to send this to you- which is unusual, him asking for magic to be employed.

7 Responses to “Seba Answers

  • The ancient Elf Palladin of the Baalgor Dragoons and Dwarf Runesmith did it! They freed Ley-Rhy!

    Joy of Joys!

  • Not what I expected! I’m glad he’s okay though.

  • Glad he’s freed. Poem makes no sense to Ursus, except a Ring and a promise, he kind of understands.

  • So is this a riddle? Is the answer glasses/ reading glasses/ a magnifying glass?

    No, wait, I just looked up what the Seba stuff was hinting at. This references the Crystal Kingdom, but I’m pretty confident I would’ve never figured that out if I didn’t already know. I can see why ReSet is stumped – I’m not very good at solving riddles.

    • Who said ReSet was stumped? Perhaps they already are waiting for you inside….

      • This is why stealth for us never works we inevitably screw up a roll. No plan (well none of our plans) survives contact with the enemy. So we just go in and wait for stuff to hit the fan. We can almost set a clock to it.

        • Confused how stealth has anything to do with this. Besides, you have luck points and aces to overcome a bad roll

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