So Close, Yet so Far Away

We believe in tomorrow, maybe more than today.

Reader’s Note: The following is a series of verbal messages sent by Silent Dream to his village.

“Don’t be alarmed by these eagles. They’re like magical pigeons but more reliable. With them I trust all twelve of my messages to arrive to you. This is number one.”
Red Snow! Has it already been six months? I hope everyone is doing well. I have been all over the world since the last time I sent messages to you.”
“We’ve fought Necromancers in the Disputed Lands. Confronted a madman in the frozen north. Rescued the Kingdom of Bizantium. Visited the Elves of Renvin. Stopped the Western Empire‘s Civil War.”
“I have watched one good friend die and another lose faith. You might think faith is easy for us. After all, we are the chosen of the Gods of Light.”
“Faith can be lost by anyone. It takes strength to put so much trust in the Gods. We all need to trust and believe in the Gods, and Great Apis.”
“Now by Her grace I’m near where this all began for me. Where She found me. But I see the war destroyed the lives of good people in this area.”
“I have also seen firsthand that distrust and fear still exist. Our Great Empire celebrates it’s solemn seventy-third anniversary soon – have we learned nothing from that fateful, sorrowful winter?
“The books call me the ‘Conscience of CrIsis.’ Even Great Apis has called me this personally! I keep my faith in the Gods, but I also have faith in people.”
“The Wolfen are better than this. The Empire is better than this. I know we all are better than this. That is my faith and belief. Nothing will change that.”
“I hope you are still doing well. I miss everyone dearly. I don’t know when I might visit. Great Apis has given me new purpose to help others like me.”
“With this new power I can now find and help others develop their own powers. We psychics always looked internally but now they can look externally too, and find me.”
“I know it’s difficult for you to send messages to me so I understand why I haven’t heard back from you. I’ll keep you all in my prayers and thoughts.”

Note: These messages were composed verbally in Wolfen and sent via Magic Eagles on the 24th day of Pegasus, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

Image Credits:
Enchanted Forest: FlorentCourty


5 Responses to “So Close, Yet so Far Away

  • Xerx’ses and Bes are sitting in his office of the Tri-Arcanum.

    Bes –
    “You are lucky Thoth saw fit to grant you the permanent power to send Pigeons and Eagles at will.”

    Xerx’ses –
    “Tell me about it! He drove the point home watching me get nearly sucked dry by all the related Eagle correspondence for just one cycle of Khonsu’s Eye.”

    Bes –
    “Do you think they remember it was your job to resupply them?”

    Xerx’ses –
    “Doubt it after to long. I know I forgot stuff so I’m sure they will as well. Ugh!”

    Bes –
    “Are you okay did someone rip your dick off?”

    Xerx’ses –
    “No, my 1st official priest just resurrected someone again! You know well about new Gods building their priesthoods to fast and getting eviscerated by prayers if their mentor among the pantheon doesn’t step in.”

    Bes –
    “I know, just giving you Hades about the “event” because Ra chose to be my mentor seeing as my flock number have shifted so radically now.”

    Xerx’ses –
    “Yikes, how’s that going?”

    Bes –
    “I’d rather have my dick ripped off once more….”

    • Bes still has at least one loyal priest, but hopefully CrIsis will never have to meet him.

  • I hope Red Snow recognizes Dream’s voice, because I just realized that I never said who any of these eagles were from in the messages themselves!

  • Dream is hard to forget, in my opinion.
    Nice punchline AZ

  • Love the Eagle gifs btw.

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