So the Defilers Were Who Again?

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.

Noble Brother & scholar,

I will send another message soon about research but I am going to ask the group tonight what they would they like researched tonight over dinner.

Well my Brother sent me a missive that they are about to make the final attack on some evil minotaurs and not to message him till its over. You might get word from him to forward message to me.

I personally have several questions that I heard you can answer.

* I know why I am hated, but why are Changelings hated?
* Who are the defilers? Elanu Groff said you were one alongside him and Master Tyvernos’s parents. I heard you were in the Lopanic Games to stop the rubies of the Glaive of the Old Ones.
* When did it become illegal to cast magic in public?

I was going to ask you about this hooman changing amulet but the Great Lady herself showed up, umm I should start from the beginning. Even though I have these questions I have to admit I am worried about looking dumb. Unless I am fighting evil directly or sitting on a ship I never know what they are talking about. In fact a few months ago I had no idea Hoomans were real. I thought they were malformed Elves via dark magic from the War of the Fair and the Strong. I thought the world was still burning in many places from the Great War and that’s why my elders said the surface was hot.

Oh and cities are HUGE!!!!!!!

Sorry let me begin

~ 17th of Pegasus ~
We sailed into New Crests and I thought it was going to be like Mishala or Cyclone. I am unsure if I am being too hard on myself? When I joined the group in Wisdom back on the 31st of Majestic of this year. I was divinely teleported to the Great Lady herself, then sent to Wisdom, wait I told you all of this when I met Bother Rrggrlaph and the Keeper. Well, I saw my first city that day and how small all of you were. I really thought that’s why they were scared of me. The more my race’s dark, ancient past kept getting brought up I was more aware that’s why I had this hooman changing amulet. It only works for an hour, just enough time to get into trouble! I supposed I am skewed further growing up around Rune Weapons, and manuals of magic from a people that abstain it now! Well, when I met King Hafton of Wisdom, I had hoped for more of his temperament. At first the group telling me that this city people don’t like your kind allowed me to be low key and hide. I had no idea where I was the first two months and finding places like the Library of Bletherad, Cyclone and Mishala where I could be accepted changed everything and CrIsis stopped letting me know about hate mongers.

Judging from the maps I have seen it seemed the farther south I was the less hate there was, so when the group hit New Crests I made the mistake of thinking it was far enough south that hate had not poisoned everyone here.

I was wrong and two people died when siege weapon rocks bounced off our shield on Rogtilda killed the guardsmen. Were it not for, Mikala Groff, explaining that the Western Empire had a Wolfen entry so why not use me to counter I think we would have had to leave. We met his brother named after some famous person called, Elanu. Apparently this Elanu fellow is a friend of yours and we have a ring that shows an image of him. Fancy so I assume he and these “Defilers” must have done something great?

I offered to stay on the ship and I overheard one of my companions mention that it was nice I offered. Can you be happy about your life even if you know you’re an outsider among everyone? Later I will explain an event that seals I am an outsider, tolerated, maybe even liked, but never accepted.

Being 11ft tall affords me a view that short folk get lost in. I saw a shrine on the docks and later learn from the mayor of New Crest, Elanu Groff, that it was a shrine to CrIsis! I could not believe anyone would pray for us after that high priest said we were evil. The mayor invited us into his home and did say I would need to act as a hooman to shop. The rest of the group begins talking about the Defilers again. I tried to ask some questions being quiet, I knew the people we were talking to were smart and I can’t shake the notion to respect my elders and raise my hand as though I am talking with Master Aesyl again. When the conversation answered my own question I put my hand back down. It’s a shame short folk are so small they don’t notice my hand go up because it is above them, literally!

I made a joke!

~ 18th of Pegasus ~
I use the amulet this morning to go out shopping and its kinda fun to walk among people, when they don’t see anything strange short folk are kinda nice to be around. Poor short folk spook easy though. I still remember that child I taught magic to in Wisdom. I wonder if I will see the little elf boy again. Well eventually while looking for a dwarf weaponsmith we came across a jeweler, because Master Overkill got his bearings skewed, but he was on land can we blame him, nope. The shopkeeper got snippy with me and so I told him to hold his tongue, then I turned into a hawk and flew away, I thought for what powers I had at my disposal that was admirable restraint. Then I returned to the mayor’s abode, turns out public displays of magic are illegal!! What?!?

Short folk Rules:
1. Hate everything you don’t understand.
2. Read rule number one.

My after reconnaissance as an albatross from Master Tyvernos’s spells I spied my friends being locked up for my benign act! Short Folk rules at work here! I soon found out foul play of avarice, and pride was afoot! I know enough that pride is in every culture and so is avarice, but to frame someone and ruin their honor is a true crime!

~ 19th of Pegasus ~
My friends had found an emerald among my clothing and I had not taken it, the little bearded imp planted it on me I swear. The poor word-champion (something called a lawyer by short folk) hired by the mayor nearly quit until I explained I had an amulet that made me look hooman so that it would be okay. I spent the day in a mixture of anger at myself for being ignorant of the surface world and annoyance that my friends think I grew up knowing short folk rules and customs! All I know of short folk is the rules above. Are there exceptions, yes but the vast amount I have met fit those two rules! How was I suppose to know about this public magic law I grew around magic of the ancients! I used to spend weeks casting spells to get them right and people in my tribe passing by and wishing me luck or joking that they needed to get stuff done so could I make someone else’s child fall asleep in the night night cloud.

Good times.

Spent the night re reading the other missive I got on the 17th from Commander Gleba, he’s a champion among short folk. Please include the Soldiers of CrIsis as a group of good and noteworthy people in our books.

~ 20th of Pegasus ~
Vindication and grace!
We were acquitted of the crime and the Lady Isis herself was present in the courtroom next to Mikala, whom confirmed he could feel her next to him! Two psychics were brought forth by the defense and accuser’s word champions. When what they saw could be seen by the court through magic. Short folk rules are crazy, this group can use magic in public but this group cannot.

Short folk, hrmph!

Well once everyone saw the dwarf flick the emerald into my body hair where it was caught as I changed form into a bird we were cleared of all charges. It would appear the accuser’s psychic ran out of the courtroom and the dark god, Bes smote him for failure! Such is the way for those that follow the dark!

Feeling the magic waning in the amulet I found someplace out of sight and made myself into an albatross once more and flew back. I spent the next two days letting my friends know I was sorry but it was clear from their faces my lack of understanding of the surface world was becoming an annoyance to them. So I started hiding and praying each day to Isis and the gods of light because I see their quiet hand at work. I am alas mortal and just don’t always understand why it moves the way it does.

~ 23rd of Pegasus ~
The morning seemed normal enough Master Cava was grumpy, and Mistress Iana was fawning over him. Along with the dwarf they went shopping and I spent the morning looking at the strange world I live in. Still full of wonder and I just need to stay above the reach of short folk to make it pretty as well. Master Overkill returned saying Master Cava had vanished, so I took to the skies and searched as the albatross again. All I found was Perry the bird heading north and leaving the city. I returned and shared the news with everyone, and good Brother Indaris suggested a group prayer. We headed to the beach with me disguised as Perry the bird and prayed, only to be visited by ISIS herself! I offered to return the right leg bone of my lord to her but she said I should keep it safe for now. I did the offering in my true form so the crowd that had gathered to watch us could see I was not becoming ash for speaking with a Goddess of Light! She promised me that if I use the hooman amulet more I will get more use out of it. She also told me that everyone will hate me. That does solve how to proceed going forward, assume everyone I meet wants to kill me. She spoke to the rest but I was lost in what she told me is that the books would come out and opinions would slowly change then. I was relieved to see that she does not seem to hate me anymore. Still fairly certain she hates my people, just not me and those that worship her.

When she left the beach became this huge town party and I was welcomed this one evening among short people.

~ 24th of Pegasus ~
I was awoken to sounds of Brother Indaris calling for us, the Agent, had struck again! He sent Master Overkill his daughter in box with buttons sewn over her EYES! They murdered the little girl and I grabbed Overkill having prepped myself with supernatural strength magic from doing anything rash until Ja’Deir had a chance to heal him. They learned of demonic involvement regarding the Agent likely sent by the Lord of the Dead. He and I now share a bond I wish we didn’t regarding seeing our families dying at the hands of the Gods of Darkness.

~ 25th, 26th & 27th of Pegasus ~

Master Overkill has been brilliant, he placed as the Gold Coast Entrant in Single and 4-man team rowing! I got to compete as a Minotaur, so I am sure I made many a person feel great when I have not placed in anything yet. 25th was rowing, 26th was archery, boxing (I missed this event so mad), and longjump, and 27th was wrestling.

Well we are now up to date.

With a clear view of the world from a dirty glass,
Xerx’ses Goldenflail

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the 27th of Pegasus the year 111. <<<

Picture of Isis talking to Xerx’ses from Capprotti on Deviant Art.

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