Take Me To The River

Drop Me In The Water


My Friend Cava,

I am shocked! Two letters in the space of 2 weeks!

I am especially proud of you that you have gotten your revenge on Bass Reeves! He was truly a cancer that needed to be cut out!

Is there an issue with Inas? You have referred much to your axe recently, and little to the bow I made.

I wish to see this giant looking glass, this tele-scope that you spoke of. When will you return to Hadrian’s Cove? I will gladly bring more arrows for you. Is young Gavin still with you? I have heard nothing from him myself, and neither of your last letters mentioned him. I hope that he and Florius are well.

I fear that I have not trained you well in diplomacy- it was never one of my strong points. There are many good bards in the Eastern Territory and the Timiro Kingdom. I might suggest paying one of them to give you lessons. I must warn you against meddling in the Duke’s business. He is one of the most powerful men in the East, and has the power of the Red Brigade mercenaries and Mistoan knights behind him!

You dense man! You somehow think that one of the wonders of Palladium is just a tableau of stones and gems?!? The Stone Garden of Llorn was built by the Elven Magi of Phi, and I, for one, will never forget its beauty. You should return and open yourself to its wonders- I promise that it does not eat brains!

Let me know the date you wish me to meet you in Hadrian’s Cove. It will take about a month to get there, so obviously we will both need some flexibility.

Be Safe and Well- May the Blessings of Isis be upon you!

Posted by Nath Everall on the 28th day of Corg, in the 342nd year of the Dominion.

Bows from Mad Dog Archery.

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