The Calling

The ground rumbles as the the man with no name is awakened with a start. The moon, crescent shaped, seems to be above his eyes, and when he again opens them Khonsu, all 20′ of him, stands above him.
‘You want vengeance against the evil done to you? You wish to crush the evil out of the Middle Kingdoms forever? The only way to truly end Lady Shara Lechellsa is to restore balance between Light and Dark.’
‘You have heard of CrIsis ?’ The man nods.

‘You will join them. They go to fight a Dragon, and you will join this fight in progress to aid them. If you survive, you will spread my name in the Dark, to those that try to spread light during the darkness, as my Moon does. Reach out to the monster races that have been rejected, and remind them I champion their cause. I need worshipers to gain strength, and you need resolution. We will help each other.’

“Any questions?” The man shakes his head no. He sticks out his hand as if to strike a bargain. The massive deity grabs his hand like a speck of dust and shakes it gingerly to avoid shattering every bone in his body. With that the man gathers his belongings and waits.

Justice shall be served.

Seen by the Man With No Name on the 12th of Gryphon in the 24th Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, nearing sunset.

Image from Desktop Nexus.


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