The Day Of Reckoning Approaches

Quickly, Before all is lost

True Name Withheld by the Gods

The Day of Reckoning is just three weeks hence, and I hope to have some time to plan with you and advance. The day of the God of Knowledge comes quickly, and yet you and your friends are not here!

Make sure when you arrive that you each are disguised thoroughly, for, as I stated previously, the Middle Kingdoms have a million gold reward for any member of the “Harbingers of Chaos”, as CrIsis is called.

Please be here by the 18th at the latest, for it will take 2 days at minimum to get within striking distance, although the 14th would be best!

They are saying that CrIsis has corrupted and taken over the government of Bizantium, and placed a Dwarf on the throne! They also say that you will turn over the Western Empire to Lictalon and the Elves, or to Xerx’ses and the Minotaurs. I am sure that none of this is true, but I felt that you should know what you are walking in on!

Lady Daera Kaze arrived early this week with much fanfare back to the Middle Kingdoms on the back of a Gryphon alone with 10 Cyclops Warriors. This has only fueled speculation that the Cyclops will join them in the war soon! Please hurry, for we must destroy both the Quarry and Lady Daera so that their evil may be stopped!

Did you further research the Clues I gave you previously? Could it relate to the strange entry in one of Xerx’ses logs- “Father Indaris found a key piece of information and only now I am realizing I know exactly (well really close) where the Lawgiver’s Kidney is!!! Back on the 27th of Corg I came across the book “On Tapestries: A Treatise” and within it is a red pattern tapestry with suns and moons (light and dark anyone), a Crystal Ball upon it, and Kidney inside it!” Or perhaps it is in reference to something Burlap wrote- “At dinner there was talk of the gods and some guy named Asol. I made a pun about not wanting to talk of my Asol. How was I supposed to know that that was a guy who was an old friend and mentor of Xerx’ses. I know, funny right? Not the evil glare but uh… Anyway, Caminata was given a chance to stay there in the city by a woman who knew ice and crystal magic. I wonder if she was involved in the encasing of Kahn Halo in crystal for his stunts from our old school. I didn’t bring it up. I was certain that it was a private moment.” Or perhaps related to the Crystal Magic woman in White Ash that Azariel mentioned more than once, Zinaida Nemora? I know not, and cannot take our quarry out of my sight.

Please let me know when you will be arriving, for I will not succeed alone! Stealth will be needed!

May the Light protect You, and Your Friends,

Your Teacher


Army picture by Lord Hayabusa 357.
Lady Daera Kaze picture from our own AZ Rune.

Sent on the 29th of Ra, in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas II, long may he reign.


5 Responses to “The Day Of Reckoning Approaches

  • He’s got a good memory – we don’t even remember that stuff!

  • Bless him for the clarity of time!

  • All I hear is my old Drill Sergeant’s voice yelling: “MOVE YOUR ASS, PRIVATE!”

    Also reference this quote: “Stealth will be needed!” Has he met CrIsis or even heard of any of our exploits?

  • “Stealth will be needed.” (So no change there, then…..)

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