The Day The Music Died

The group made their way to Khemennu. It was a beautiful, quaint town. The only issues is that visitors were cluttering the town with litter and debris. Willy brought this up and Grignak spread a contagious word so that all the town would clean up and it did. The group then made their way to the final place where Osiris would be rebuilt. The many friends, helpers, and acquaintances waited around the area. Everyone was sent home to return in the morning. A ceremony of sorts was held, a celebration. People gathered around recalling different events and past relationships. Willy walked to the side of the group and began to smoke. Then slowly the loners and outcasts made their way over. First the man with no name followed by the outcast Bungo. Soon a small group grew and they smoked together. They were anxious for this to be over, for it to bring the changes they were sold on and promised. Soon Osiris was rebuilt. They watched as a god was told by another to marry a mortal. They watched as each member of CrIsis was blessed and given something unique and thanked for their efforts in the quest. Then it came Willy’s turn. The smokers patted him on the back as he left towards the crowd. It split open as he walked towards Osiris. He expected to greet him like an old friend who had rocked with him once before. He stepped forward. Willy knelt before him. Osiris spoke, “You should trust in your god, Thoth.” That was all and Osiris dismissed him like a peasant slave. Willy walked off confused. He trusted Thoth. They were closer than ever before. Apparently not though. He walked off confused. He snuck through the crowd hearing the celebrations continuing. He made his way to his bird and left without saying goodbye.


Several years had passed since that day. The man had hoped that the balance would restore peace to the world, but things did not change. Men still had evil in their hearts. The ones that claimed to be of light committed these acts same as the dark. They tormented him. This was all a lie to him. Slowly he lost his compassion. No longer did he grant extensions on life. He met each person mercilessly and guided them to their next life. He did not care anymore where anyone ended up. He continued and one day he met a familiar face. He coldly took him too. He found his name. It is Death.


Bungo headed home seeing what took place. If Willy was treated this way, how much worse would his memory be. He was the most hated member ever of CrIsis. He headed home, but his friends of the forest no longer wanted to be associated with him after reading the books. He spent many years trying to get some kind of relationship in his life, but he could not seem to get past his perceived character from the books. Then he remembered one friend. He fashioned a noose and got ready to greet him. When the friend came neither recognized each other. Alas he will be alone forever.


Willy left the party and retired to a mountaintop. They say a storm surrounds it and all who try to reach the summit perish in its fury. He sits in his favorite chair with his bird friends. His guitar hangs above the mantle and was never touched again. Many had hoped for a grand tour from him, but it never came. Willy was never heard from or seen by anyone. They say that day so long ago was the day the music died.

Picture from My Rare Guitars.


7 Responses to “The Day The Music Died

  • This log made my heart break- so very sad. Well conveyed.

    • I really hope we get a log about the changes everyone sacrificed for, because that log makes me think of rebuilding Osiris as a Ponzi scheme by the light and the dark.

  • Willy, you were the chosen one!

    The Nameless Man once gave his true name to Silent Dream. For a time, Silent Dream hoped to return it to him and remind him of the Man he used to be. The more time passed and the more The Man changed, however, the more Dream began to wonder if it would be cruel to do so. So he did not return the name. Eventually Silent Dream convinced himself this was the right thing to do, and when the last of The Man’s family finally passed on he never considered it again.

  • Aw, Willy!

  • I wonder if people realize it was The Man with No Name that brought Bungo across the void? Sweet and sad.

    • I caught it. I never knew Bungo, sadly.

  • Ursus is sad that the music has died, he loved the music, especially the rock that was a metal and heavy…

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