The Meeting

My Final Help For CrIsis

Dear CrIsis, and specifically Silent Dream

Your staff may be of the wind that guides you, but there is a staff which is stronger! I will join you in its presence!

Be warned, however, that there are dogs guarding this staff from allowing any to arrive except by water, so do not trust your chest, only the wondrous sea.

Happy Horus Day to all my friends in CrIsis, and all that travel heroically on the Shield of Light



I look forward to seeing you soon!



May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 25th of Od in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire.


2 Responses to “The Meeting

  • Malkin must have the Cryptography skill and rolled it well, because I’m embarrassed the G.M. had to explain the secret message to us in game!

  • At least you weren’t the only one. Oh well.

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