The Most Dangerous Man in the World

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Master Kel-ed.
| At the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Good Master of Weavers,

May ask a boon a copy of this be sent to Ondemeira the White in the castle of King Guy the First located in Credia. Also if it is not to much trouble any other missives I sent you in the past could you send those as well? This is the person that will be taking over for Rod Rambler starting with the 7th book of CrIsis. I hear the 6th Book of CrIsis has been released worldwide. From what my companions mentioned the 7th book will mention you and me, my meeting the group. Honestly, I have never been so nervous because I am taking a great leap of faith you short people will try and see that there is good and evil in every race. Redemption is not a commodity it’s an aspiration and in many ways is a better name for our group than CrIsis.

I have a question as well, if I wanted to cast a ritual to PERMANENTLY trade one skill for another skill, could that be done? I should probably clarify I am not looking to sacrifice anyone to do this, and while one might ask the gods for such a thing I saw what happens to a priest that sought one to many miracles to often.

To the story then as it would be.

With those two Scrolls of Osiris Brother Indaris was able to beseech Benevolent Bennu & Divine Isis to bring our captain, Master Overkill back to the land of the living where magic and divine providence was used to secure a state of perfect health. Twilight began to set on the 28th of Od when a flash of light occured on Rogtilda. A Hooman and a Kobold appeared aboard the deck! Apparently, this Hooman, is called Jidian Kulder from a group called the Legion of Northmoor, upon first meeting him he looked like Master Cava’s more successful older brother. I wish the grumpy Hooman well where the Gods have taken him for rest.

Ylren, the Elvish Hunter, sent to us on this beach seems to have displeased the Gods in his performance for when the Kobold held his hand out the Archer drooped his head low and when the ring hit its owner’s new hand Ylern had vanished. Master Overkill & Master Tyvernos were more excited than I have EVER seen them when Master Jidian proclaimed Divine Isis sent him here to repay a debt by helping us take down the Tezcat Necromancer. ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!! Rogtilda began rocking back and forth “JIDDY!!!! JIDDY!!!! JIDDY!!!! JIDDY!!!!” All of us nearly went overboard but held it together. Everyone deferred to this hooman and I was more than a little taken back.

“WHO THE HADES IS THIS GUY?!?” My queried made this man looked at me and his smile was shocking because it was sincere, really sincere. I did not frighten him in the slightest and he strode over took a hand of mine in both of his (with the size difference he never brought up) and address me as though we had passed by each other on the street like food vendors in a market. I have to admit to being scared to meeting someone as nice as Jidian Kulder, he fears nothing, he’s nice to the Kobold – Master Asher and I as though we are friends. Master of Weavers I felt acceptance rather than tolerance, and I was afraid to say something to him because I might break what to me was a near perfect moment.

Do you know of Jidian Kulder? Is he a demi-god of someone in mighty Ra’s pantheon? He’s nice, seemingly genuine, benevolent and to the point. He’s kinda what I picture my brother, Zeelik, turning out like as he gets older. He brings word from on high we are allowed to get the treasure but nothing else. Then its back to the northern freeland area of the Yin-Sloth Jungles, and port in Mishala! We told Asher we would get to his fireside chat on the voyage away from Dragon’s Roost, and off we head back through the night to the Dragon’s Cave.

Master Tyvernos and Brother Indaris stood watch at the front of the cave holding the horde of demon monkeys and while everyone else looked for their slice of the horde. I used my skills in excavation & archeology to pull as much non gold from the horde that I could, then fly it invisibly out of the cave past the demon monkeys of greed. Using some math I gathered a little over a half ton (according to dwarven measurements I was taught) any piece of treasure that is non-gold. I did drop a few pieces but Brother Indaris was there to catch them. One of them looked like a bone handle and sheath and I told the priest it was a cute dagger. I tried not to snicker because on him it was more like a small sword.

On the way back when the 1st of Algor had sunrise I uttered the prayer to She of many names that I knew from the prayer flail:

All hail, jubilation to You, ISIS, O Golden One,
Mysterious One who gives birth to the divine entities,
Forms the animals, models them as She pleases, fashions men…

Luminous One who thrusts back the darkness,
who illuminates every human creature with your rays,
hail, Great One of many Names…

You from whom the Divine Entities come forth
You-Who-Cause us to breathe,
Daughter of Ra,
Daughter of the Word
whom He spat forth from His mouth

O Venerable Mother, You who subdues Your adversaries.
O You-Who-Knows-How-To-Make-Right-Use-of-the-Heart,
You who triumphs over Your enemies.

It is the Golden One…
the Lady of Ecstasy,
of Music, of Dance, of incense,
of the Crown, of Young Women,
Whom men acclaim because they love Her!

It is the Gold of the Divine Entities,
who comes forth at Her season,
the Day of the New Moon,
at the Festival of “She is Delivered”…

Heaven makes merry,
Palladium is full of gladness,
the Castle of Horus rejoices.

Back on board the ship on the 3rd of Algor I was truly thrilled to see the end of that wretched island! We began what we as a group would call the ‘Safe Passage Trip’ to Mishala and then find transport inland. All the while I saw Jidian nearly carefree, so confident of what was happening next I went and dug out Master Azariel’s notes to me about how to begin with the Book of A’zad.

*Small Side Note: There is a dead, Ancient Wooly Dragon on the eastern part of the Island of Dragon’s Roost. I am not sure if it makes up for the lost rune weapons but maybe it can help? A few teleport scrolls and I am sure that beast that plagued sea travelers for 1,000 or more years can be put to good use for the guild. Just saying, though be very careful of the mystic drain enchantments in his cavern and on the wrecked ship on the other side of the island and it may still be magically camouflaged.*

Before I could begin we gave Master Asher his fireside chat and NOW I AM CONVINCED HE’S A DEMI-GOD GRANDSON from Isis herself. Jidian Kulder was WELCOMED! WELCOMED! to the fireside chat the Gods of Light and my friends trust him with my true name of all things. THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD! I really like him a great deal but WHAT THE …
… Master of Weavers I am sorry I was in shock and almost wrote something I would regret. It’s not my place to question the Gods of Light but I just don’t get it and I am stopping trying to figure it out. Nothing good can come of this line of logic if there is any I might understand.

Master Asher delivered his news from Lady Isis and I was happy and sad at the same time. Somehow beyond all recognition I made her soften her view to my people and she ”promised protection to your people and family during your sojourn in CrIsis!!!!!” – the words of Master Asher from her lady – I still intend to rescue my second father but for the rest of those in the tribe, YAY!!!! Then we heard that Brother Indaris had been entreating with the gifts Isis had bestowed her priest a little to freely and he lost access to them for the remainder of the month. While he looked forlorn he had time to contemplate his apology for most of that time would be taken up by our voyage.

Onward to study:

I have learned the following spells
* Increased Weight – I am sure you know this one.
* Impervious to Fire – Always a useful one to know. For when I met Gromhuran the ancient, I had the impression I would be crunchy and taste good roasted.
* Blind – I am sure you know this one but again useful.
* Temple Leap – I am not sure you know this one so here is a rough description. I can take up to a ton. This spell allows the caster to move to the next nearest temple of the same faith (or pantheon, if applicable and the temple includes the caster’s deity). If there is no other temple on the plane then nothing happens. This spell is Self or Touch as the caster may decide to go himself or with others.

I screwed up on learning Impervious to Fire from the book and turned myself into a creature that looked like some kind of Neanderthal Minotaur! Three of the most awkward days of my life!

There are two more spells left from what I have discerned but I have not had time to learn them for they are of the 7th & 8th Circles of Weaving. Oh and thank you for the robe I try to wear it whenever I can. After the 16th of Algor I decided to join the others and be regaled by tales of Jidian the Demi-God. The more I learn about him the more I think I am a small lizard in a desert with no end. They destroyed the Glaive of the Old Ones and visited the Land of the Damned and survived! I don’t even know where that is but I know I don’t want to go there! I also learned Master Asher is a Psi-Mystic and we talked briefly about spells and after the jungle I definitely want to learn ‘Turn Dead.’ However, it was during the last day I was floored by Jidian. I had mentioned about being worried about the world finally learning about me then the leader of the Legion of Northmoor said, “Don’t worry about the world, just worry about the kind of minotaur you want to be.”

I realized I did not have a clear answer, just a group of thoughts that seemed to go together.

It was the 25th of Algor when we docked in Mishala, Sulyott greeted Jidian like they were old friends (I am telling you he is some kind of half god), joking about our response time being slower than they expected. We are brought close by a mysterious wagon driven by a very close-mouthed driver, who vanishes (into thin air) after he drops off near the entrance of the caves on the 8th of Grekar. Hearing all the those stories made me think of the letter from the greatest bard I know, Commander Terramore Gleba, so I looked at a letter of his.

100 skeletons 20 zombies, 2 mummies and four days later we reach the cave entrance on the 12th of Grekar. Jidian and Brother Indaris have been a small team since we hit the jungle once more. His power was supposed to be accessible again on the 1st of Grekar but he has waited till the 12th to make his plea just before the cave opening at Master Tyvernos’s urging:

“Oh great Isis she of countless names,
Oh great Hatsheput, she of countless glories,
Oh great mother of grace and will,
I have abused the wisdom and grace granted me,
Please accept my apologies for taking thine power for granted,
I ask not for my power to be returned,
For that power is not mine it is your gift to me,
That I have hurt my companions by being unable to aid them as I should,
Please let them not suffer for my transgressions,
As you see fit so shall it be done,
for I live at your will and whim.”

He was in what I thought was silent prayer and after a few minutes the clouds parted and a small ray of sunlight hit him through the canopy of the jungle. His smile was all the confirmation I needed. Into the dark cavern single file. We are near a nexus point and wow I remember how damaging fire bolt was in the trials so the undead and a necromancer did not last long against us.

Then it got interesting, we can’t be completely certain but the lesser tezcat necromancer we saw was short not unlike the size of Master Overkill & Master Tyvernos. Then we run into a well spoken, dressed elegantly, female Elven Necromancer we are fairly certain is a disciple of the Lord of Darkness’s bitch hound, Anubis. With ‘Carpet of Adhesion’, holy weapons and a complete hatred of evil we laid into the undead. Master Asher used his ‘Turn Dead’ spell to send them running. This prompted our female Elven Necromancer to use an amulet around her neck to vanish, likely to Çynopolis. We found another chest of loot and after safely disarming the wards once more, thanks to Master Ja’deir once again, he did the same feat on the island. We found enough Dragon Coins everyone recieved 285 coins each (with gems in them)!!!

While we prep to check out this circle I am making a rubbing of one to send you its image. If I gave the guild a 100 of the coins would you be willing to take another 100 coins to the Temple of Isis in Troker which is suppose to be run by some of my tribe and hooman priests of Isis! I was going to keep the remaining 85. I will let you know when I am back in Mishala if you would like to meet me there?

Be well good Master of Weavers,


>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the 12th of Grekar, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. <<<

Jidian/Asher picture by Jackie Ocean and Gaitkeeper.
Elf archer picture from Jasson78.
Demon Monkey / Hytril from Funny Pic A.
Bone-Handle Sword found at Antique Swords Online.
Dragon Coin courtesy of Palladium Books.

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