The Mourning After

Loss of a Member, Loss of a Captain

As a healer, there is no worse feeling than losing a patient- or so I thought. I, Morgan Lutteur, was wrong. The worst feeling of all is saving someone, only to have them reject not just you, but your world. I should explain.

I know not what transpired during the battle with 3 Ice Dragons, only that, when I thought the coast was clear, I stuck my head out of the relative safety of Matilda’s galley. Suddenly, Otto was barking at me, and Tyvernos, clad in his lion headdress, waved his arms over me, muttering, and I was able to fly! He said, “Chip & Robert need your help,” and flew away. It was easy to find Chip, for he was the blackened corpse near Matilda’s wheel. I concentrated my will, my skill, my power, and tried to do the hardest thing known to a healer- a resurrection. I called out to him, mentally and vocally, and he seemed almost ethereal, but he came back with a start. He looked around him, saw the pieces of his beloved gun Bertie, and I could feel something snap within him.
“That is it then,” he whispered, “It is all over for me here. I must go back, and fulfill my own destiny. I am done with this world- you should have let me be.” He then slid into the water- and I knew none of us would see him again on this voyage. The pain of the betrayal was palpable- for he felt truly betrayed. I know not if the betrayal of his gun, the betrayal of death, or the betrayal of resurrection hurt him the most- I just knew I would never feel pain like that again. I struggled on, for to give in to the pain would be to lose myself, forever, but I knew that Chip leaving would live with me forever. Chip was ever cheerful, ever passionate, and will be missed greatly- we all should live as carefree yet purposeful as he did.

I found a piece of my good friend, Robert the Just, just his left arm, along with his formerly ever-present hat. I knew him well, for we spent hours guarding Matilda together- a finer captain, and a finer human, I will never meet. His loss will be mourned not just by myself and the other members of CrIsis, but by all that he touched. I know that my beloved Gavin will tire of the stories I shall relate in the next few weeks of both Chip and Robert- but he will be steadfast in his support, as always. That is why he is my beloved.

I must check on my living patients now, for Overkill was gravely hurt as well, and my beloved and Karma had injuries as well- only Tyvernos and Cava escaped unscathed.

Posted by Morgan Lutteur, on the 19th of Ra in the 68th Year of the Wolfen Empire.

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