The Power Of Rune

The Voices in my Head Don’t Like Me

CallandorI met someone recently. My rune sword (a cutlass). I have dreamed about this for a long time. Back when I was a boy, my cousin and I would dream of being the explorers that would discover the very treasure of Jason. Gramps would watch us from the rock that he sat on. Most of the time his peg leg would ache from the climb to the surface but he knew that boys needed exercise. For hours my cousin and I would play with my sisters and his brothers dreaming of discovering Jason’s treasure. Gramps was an old sea dog and a traitor to our country as he was with Jason a lot in his younger years. He never buried the treasure as he retired before that but he would tell us to behave and treat my sisters well. We would all laugh and ask for stories about being sailors and adventures on the high seas. He would tell a story or two (I am certain that sometimes he embellished it now that I am older). I would finally say as he gathered us all back into the realm of Sinza, “One day I am going to be like you”. He would rub my head and tell me to be more like a honorable sailor and less a pirate.

Times have changed and fate has twisted. I am the dwarf that Gramps would have loved to see. I do not know if he is alive and I do hope to go to Sinza to know the truth but to say the least, I am the dwarf that he wanted me to be. My hair has silvered like his own, I have learned the value of life and virtue. I have a lovely woman in a far off land and family here that I would love to see move to my country. I wonder what mom and dad say about me becoming famous?

At any rate, I did say that I meet a sword. He is a member of Jasons cash (so much gold). It was while sailing away from Me’zfii Onh that he spoke to me. We exchanged pleasantries (if you want to call it that), and there were moments that were shocking (literally; the son of a bitch shocked me) but all in all it was a good time. His name is Callandor. I am certain that there is more to him then being a piece of metal but I do not know him well. Gramps used to say when Mini and I were beardless that rune swords were once men (or dwarves or whatever) that sacrificed their lives for the great Dwarf/Elf war. I really want to know this warrior. Perhaps he will reveal more.

Posted by Overkill on the 21st of Corg in the 23rd Year of King Bafag.

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2 Responses to “The Power Of Rune

  • Ah, the introduction of Callandor…Interesting to read this after having seen Him/It in action all those times with Xerx’ses.

  • At least Callandor could utter more than just one line…

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