The Reaping

These are comfy seats, said no one. I sat down that day thinking it would be just another event. Boy was I wrong and oh how my life would be changed forever. My name is Phil and this is my story.

I looked out onto the main events they had been pretty good so far, but for the cynic skeptic I am there was nothing truly impressive until a new Group was mentioned. I forget the name because the crowd was too obnoxious. A child had knocked over an grouch of a man’s tonic so I do not recall. What I do remember was what followed. “Sponsored by the Grim Reaper!” yelled the announcer with all the flare he could muster. Then the group in front of me exploded with excitement. “That’s him!” screamed an old man amongst the cheers. “He healed me and extended my life. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him!” I look to where the sponsored guest sat. “Great all this town needs is another rich healer priest to rob these poor people of their money and leave them high and dry.” I thought to myself as I spotted him. He was a peculiar one. His dark black attire covered him completely yet his eyes pierced through with a gaze that would petrify a basilisk. He raised a gloved hand and waved almost sheepishly, but still rigid. “We need to go see him after this!” They shouted. “He told me he is a god!” I spat out my drink onto the attendee in front of me. It dropped down her large neck and I apologized profusely. Who does he think he is to claim to be a god? This arrogant bastard! I will make it my task to dispel these lies, but after I finish this turkey leg. It is quite delicious.

The displays finished and I made my way over to where he was. I was too late. He was whisked away to the VIP section to spend time with the performers. I will find him and he will pay for his blasphemy. The whole City will know what a fraud he is.

I wandered the town for a few days hearing of healings and deeds that this god of death, small gardens, and underground agriculture is doing. That was when I came across information that he has purchased a building in the church district. What a pompous arrogant fool. The sacrilege is unbearable. Yet I make my way. He must be stopped.

I arrive at temple being renovated. There were many men and women working hard. Have they all bought into this trickery? I make my way inside and see the entire place only the underground growth areas were forbidden due to secrets known only to those chosen. Then I spot him planting crops and working beside everyone. He works tirelessly next to those who would follow him. A god would not stoop so low. I caught myself thinking. Someone taps me on the shoulder, “Are you wishing to join the Church of the Reaper?” An old man asked. In fact it was that same old man from the games. If I was to investigate further I would have to answer, “Yes!” I exclaimed. He took me aside and spent many minutes going over the tenets of the church and the way of the ‘Grim Reaper’. The tenets seemed reasonable: stand up for those who need justice, give excess to those in need, death is the great equalizer, what we do in life affects where we go, all gardens must be less than or equal to the length of the scythe to be in his realm. What the f***? That is a weird ass tenet. He finished going over the relationship with Khonsu and the Gods of Light. Well if he truly has their blessing how bad could it be? Still if I value not being a crispy charred person I shouldn’t stand to close to him for fear of lightning. Then there was the last mention of Sharron. She is some old hag that everyone in the temple doesn’t like. She turned down the Reaper and well now she just stands outside the temple looking in sadly on what she missed out. Apparently some of the people just stand there holding hourglasses and pointing at her. I almost feel bad. I should be careful in case he is the real deal. It would be a bummer to end up like her.

I decide to help for a few days. The healings are being done before my eyes. The elderly are given energy and the injured made new. This proves nothing. Even Indaris could do this. We need the true test. It is time to bring forth the one that could not be done by any priest before. Bring forth Baby Geoffery!

For those who don’t know Baby Geoffery is a horrible tale of sadness and despair. I implore you to read no more if you do not wish to be crushed by the cruelties of life. But if you must, read on and do not say you were not warned.

Baby Geoffery was the pride and joy of two noble parents who cares for their city. They spent many days serving amongst the people and they were loved by all. One fateful afternoon baby Geoffery  was playing next to his mother in the streets. When all of a sudden a horse was spooked and took off with a cart. It charged in the direction of baby Geoffery, where it proceeded to trample him, which tossed his body under the wheel of the wagon, where it was followed by a barrel knocked loose which fell onto baby Geoffery’s head and subsequently crushed it. I know it was terrible. The town is still talking about it and it’s been like two years. Anyhow, none of the priests of the land could bring him back, on account of his head being a pancake. So what better test than the baby Geoffery test.

I secretly reach out to a servant of the mother of the child and mention the Reaper to the servant. Now I just sit back and wait. The next morning the mother in grieving is standing outside the temple. She is told to distance herself from Sharron for her own benefit. She does so and waits the old man that met with me comes out in priestly garments now. He speaks with the woman. His face looks pale at the task, but he goes inside to consult the Grim Reaper. I kind of understand why they call him that. He is not very chipper all too often. Only in gardening have I heard him chuckle once. The old man shortly returns to the woman and whispers in her ear. She nods and sprints off leaving her shall to the wind. A commotion is growing as the Reaper begins leaving the temple. Everyone follows, even Sharron at a distance. We all make our way to that fateful area where baby Geoffery died. Only a few of us know why we are in this place the others have no clue. The mother is seen at a distance sprinting towards us. Tears can be seen streaming down her face tears of hope and fear. The crowd parts as she approaches the Reaper. She hands him what looks to be a bone, maybe a femur. The crowd backs up and gives them space. I have done much work for the church so I am able to push forward. He begins chanting with the bone in hand. Suddenly sinews spew out from the bone. Ligaments, cartilage, muscle and more bone come forth. Soon the body of baby Geoffery is lying in the arms of the Reaper. The crowd is quiet. The quietness breaks as a gasp of air pours fourth from the boys lips. He is not ages since the day he died. His eyes open and he climbs out of the arms of the Reaper and into the mother’s arms. I fall to the ground trembling. Everyone else does as well. Everyone is sobbing. “I believe!” spoke the woman. Everyone in the crowd started saying one by one, “I believe!” I shouted, “I believe!” The Reaper and the mother walked towards the church. Sharron in the distance said, “I believe.” Someone replied, “Damn it Sharron, no you don’t. Otherwise you would have accepted him right away!” “Yeah, Sharron!” another yelled. “Stupid Sharron, why do you have to bring all these great moments down, Sharron.” They each lambasted her. She knew her mistake. “Alright guys, that’s enough!” I said. The crowd dispersed and followed behind the Reaper.

There was much celebration that night, except for Sharron, she still has to stand outside. Baby Geoffery has returned to life and the people believed. I sat down with true faith in the garden. Then he sat down next to me. “How can I serve the church?” I asked.  I did not want to spend a life gardening or looking after a building. I sought adventures and stories, but how can I deny truths. I will do whatever he asks. He said look into my eyes. I did as he asked. Images of past transgressions flew before them. He smiled underneath his mask. You will be the first of your kind. You will be known as the Reaper’s Revenants. You will go out exacting justice for those who cannot defend themselves. You will make the world a better place. He places a sword in my hand. Come there is much to teach you before I leave. I follow.

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8 Responses to “The Reaping

  • “Stupid Sharron, why do you have to bring all these great moments down, Sharron.” I love how they just rag and rag on her. The church of the reaper definitely seems like it won’t be dull!

  • I have no words because I was laughing to hard!

  • Gotta start building up my lil’ homies to straight run this town for the light

    • Are you going to let Itomas know that on your way to SpringGate?

  • looks like you got your next apprentice…oh that poor fool

  • It seems like there is some weird religious shitt going down here….
    “All gardens must be less than or equal to the length of the scythe in His realm.”

    Luckily, the not so green fingered (or minded) No Name has an escape clause: “You will go out exacting justice for those who cannot defend themsleves.” (You can’t get much more “CrIsis” than that.)

    • The gardening stuff was all his idea- and it has added some much needed humor.

      • Why do I see this as the rise of hybrid gothic architecture and Bonsai gardens for Zen / I mean Grim meditation!?!?

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