The Repentant

I’ll come when I am ready


We went head to head with a demon rune sword (ok it’s the second time going against him). After getting out of prison and recovering some of our weapons (it was easy as people were bleeding and running all over the place), we went and faced the beast. The battle was short but he went down. The only only people that helped us take down that demon/Minion of the Old Ones were two Lemarians, Raf and Alandra; and even then they had us arrested.

I really though that Necrom would have won if it wasn’t for S’Erith, who took him down with his spirit mumbo jumbo. Did Alandra appreciate our work? No, we got arrested again. This island is really getting to me.

We were brought before the court after a night in jail. We couldn’t resist as Necrom the Undying kicked our butts all over- half of us were in a coma when it was done so there was no resistance, though we did get to keep our weapons, not that that helped as I was so beat I could barely lift my swords.

So, like I said, we were before the high priestess Ferra. She was ruthless, associating us with conspirators and dark associates of the Old Ones. When it came our turn,my main man Cava was the speaker for us and he was on fire, going head to head with the woman. The embarrassing moment was when he called for the Gods to testify on our behalf; in front of the court, nothing. Not that I blame him, he’s not a show doll or animal. I am ashamed that I thought for a moment that the Gods would have shown as proof of our divine mission. The team went back to jail after we missed a visit.

For a while I prayed to find what I had done wrong or if there was something missing. Nothing was missing; we just wanted too much. We heard that two of our party were not accounted for (our psychic and his girl Morgan) were missing. They talked about the possibility that they ran off to the ‘forbidden part of the island’. It turns out that first they had their baby, and then came to the town we were in. Who knew that they figured out how to mix with society and would give us the heads up on everything that was going on outside of jail? I am so glad that they had not split when this all went bad. Before I knew it we were healed and we had a plan to leave the city.

It wasn’t long before we were out and running. We left everything except what we carried behind. That rune chest- man I miss it; all that swag. It was while we were setting up camp that the god Thoth shows up. I got on my knees so fast. I was embarrassed for even doubting him for a second. I wanted to cry like a little boy.

I am somewhat grateful that he gave me nothing but mercy to breathe (well he did heal my wounds). He blessed Gavin. and Morgan’s new baby, Karma’s lance (restoring its powers) and did some wonders on Cava’s axe then he did the oddest thing, he switched S’Erith with an elf named Alric; man that guy has history (or not). He took Cava to a contest of arrows and Cava lost (still can’t believe it). The guy is an assassin with no memory of who he really is. I am not really sure that his name is Alric but hey, it works for now.

Thoth has told us that after our mission we can go back to the city of Cassandra and that all will go better with the children of the city. For now we’re on our way for the Isle of Set. No real map but a great idea of where it is. We spent breakfast with a new set of redheads (reminds me of home). These guys, and women, turned out to be the Lemaria rebels. Nice huh. They have taken in Cava real well and he is a lot happier.

I’m still watching my back Mary.


Prayer to Thoth for his beloved on the 9th of Thoth, in the 23nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from From Cairo With Love.

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