The Trek Home

Burdened by Runes and Memories

My Son,

I have sent this missive to his holiness, and my friend, U’Selekma, so that it may find you through your friend Indaris. I hope that all of you in CrIsis appreciate the value of having a priest! Without him there would be no way for people who care for you, such as myself, to communicate with you!

I have set out on the trek Home. The burden of the loss of friends and family, and these rune weapons, the legacy of our Tribe, weigh far heavier than their actual load. I do not know what I shall find, nor if I will want to see or face it.

The Church was kind enough to send me via ship to the hive of villainy, Troker, where I will pay whatever respects I can to your Brother. From there some of the soldiers and monks, along with a hired guide, will make our way into the interior of the Wastelands.

I will write you again once I have met with Xixin and the rest of the Serinan Tribe.

Prayers are with you my son. I am so proud of you, your choices, and the glory that you bring the Minotaur Race! One day, because of you, we may join all of society!

Received by Xerx’ses during the voyage from Caer Itom to Timiro.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at

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  • Xerx’ses has one family member left! YAY!!!!! He just can’t respond to not reveal anything, but YAY!!!!!!

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