The Trip Home, Sort Of-

Dear Darakh’zan,

I don’t have a lot of time to pen this but we were attacked by demons a bit ago, so we shall have a brief recap. Especially since the Elf bard mentioned something about fines for fighting in the city.

On the 23rd of Selestra we arrived in Credia harbor and began our search for Gavin since he had gone missing through the magic of Ra the night before. Upon reaching the top deck I transformed into a ‘Hawk’ for a disguise to move with the group through the city! Magic amazes me with every spell I figure out and learn.

I FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure this will likely become a favorite hobby of mine. Blessing to the wise Thoth for understanding the mystical links needed to weave the energy that magic is that I might rebuild the great and noble Lawgiver.

I digress.

I landed on Cava’s shoulder and was moved to Overkill’s because would not look odd for a sea captain to have a bird on his shoulder. It would appear that some villain named Manus – a disciple of Anubis, the death god – had taken control of the capital of the Timiro Kingdom and its King, Gedro. This appears to have been the source of foul news that CrIsis was out to remove leaders and reshape the world.

Silly Hoomans

When we reassemble the Lawgiver that will reshape the world!

It would appear during the speech that as King Gedro spoke the symbols of Manus and his Death God were struck and replace by the king’s men and banners. A revolt happened with no warning and complete surprise by the king’s men. Order had been restored and Gavin’s name was cleared! It took Cava two tries to find a city soldier that would take us to the king because the first one didn’t believe us.

Is it wrong that I find it funny to spook people with my true form and then vanish…I did not do that but I have had thoughts…Silly Hoomans.

We met an elf mage known as Ondemeira the White, whom took us to see King Gedro. When we were alone Master Cava made a stern request to know of Gavin’s last hours. From the speech earlier it was known that Gavin had DIED defending the king!

That is a noble changeling, such is the sacrifice I would expect from a race that aided the greatest of Gods of Light in vanquishing the Lords of Chaos! Upon this statement the king smiled, and brought us down to the catacombs below the city where he “enlightened” us. I am not sure what happened to King Gedro but I suspect Manus killed him for the “king” revealed that it was GAVIN is King Gedro!


Gavin had plans to set the kingdom right and find a suitable heir for the throne and then fade away to be with his lady and raise their child. As King Gedro, he had prepared a great feast for the city to celebrate the return of justice and good. I was so happy for everyone and then asked if I would have to remain hidden. Gedro/Gavin said yes their would be no way for me to not frighten everyone with my presence. Upon leaving the safety of the catacombs I bid my companions farewell and I was headed back to the boat via hawk form. It will be my greatest wish when I can find a community that will accept me for my actions and not my race. Alas, I would not stain the day with melancholy mood.

I did however, take my sweet time and flew over the whole city before returning to the ship. I made sure to stay high enough I would go unnoticed or disregarded as just another bird. The city must have tens of thousands of people!!!!!!!! Hoomans my be silly but there must be some smart ones in the bunch to make this grand spectacle!

When I arrived back on the ship I noticed Sir Quixis speaking with another elf. “Hello, Sir Quixis! And hello, you. I am Xerx’ses!” The elf looked intrigued why a talking Hawk had just shown up. I know they are an ancient race but that kind of reaction means he has been around magic that it was not a complete shock. Hmmm time to try that joke I thought and said to the paladin, “Should you tell him, or shall I?” The paladin gestured for me to continue so took to the air briefly and began to transform back to my true form.


Good grief that elf can scream! The next thing I knew I had confirmed he had been around magic when the spell ‘carpet of adhesion’ or a cart load of cactus syrup was dump on my gluing me in place. Sir Quixis chuckled, SUCCESS!!!!! My joke was indeed a joke! Now if it just didn’t always end this way, oh well. I informed the quivering elf wizard to study the ring on my hand and noticed he also bore one. Once he released the spell and I was free I also showed him the ancient symbol of Osiris I had. It seems we have a new member, Master Azariel and Sir Quixis both worship the Lawgiver so we began talking about our experiences in faith, history, tales of glory (mostly from the paladin)! They still startle when I snort but realized that was me beginning to laugh. I am cracking the shell of intolerance.

Our friends returned very drunk, I am sure they earned the break, but to bed they went and I wished them good dreams when I prayed that night.

On the 24th of Selestra we had the ‘fireside chat’ with our newest member while Master Terramore was tasked with finding maps. There is still some tension between Master Cava and Master Terramore but it may just take time to work through.

…I think I hear someone coming ….

We got supplies (maps mostly), and with Master Azariel’s help circle magic to strengthen Rogtilda. There is even a map of what the Wastelands looked like during the time of Baalgor itself!!

On the 29th of Selestra we had a brief battle with Kappa during my watch that was brief because they tried to come on board, out of the water.

… good grief sulfur smells horrible …

On the 30th of Selestra we arrived in the waters of the coast of Titania! I was shocked to see how GRAND & HUGE this fortress city was in the jungle bordering on mountains but no dock! Really? The group use some sort of far seeing tube to see that the neighboring coastal town appeared also to not have a dock. I will come back here someday but for now off it is to Cyclone.

Using flags we signaled and were granted docking rights, the harbormaster was a Jotan giant! I looked past him and realized I did not have to hide in this town! I was able to use the Giantese tongue to converse with our large friend and for putting in a good word with Karowyn’s Merchanthouse we would get a heavily reduced price of 3,600 Eastern Crowns for 6 months. Hoomans and Giants living togehter without fear or hatred! I could learn to like it here.

We would set out in the morning for supplies and then begin the trek inland to the southern mountain range of the Baalgor Mountains.

On the 1st of Ra I woke extra early to pray and offer my celebrations to the holiday. Then once we had eaten we headed into the town but once we hit a street off the main entrance we were confronted by 11 ‘Shedim’ demons!

I can say I did not run from the fight and even stood on the front line with the warriors, when three demons square off against you and less against everyone else you are the main threat they are worried about. I was ready with my flail as they cried out something about “ANUBIS DECREES!!!!!!!!……”

I am sure it was something about our death but I just stopped listening, if I had a gold coin for every time mentioned they would vanquish me, I would be able to ….

…well I would have some gold coins.

When the demons struck before I could ready an attack there claws just did nothing to my hide, armor, and my ring was glowing slightly! Praises above this it a kingly gift indeed! I stood as the wall while my companions destroyed the demons! I am unscathed but everything around me is piles of sulfur that reek. Someone is indeed approaching so I must go and deal with what comes.

With tempered excitement,
Xerx’ses Goldenflail

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
on the 1st of Ra the year 111. <<

Red tail hawk picture courtesy of National Geographic
Catacomb picture from my collection of Winchester Cathedral, England
City wall, outer shot of the tower, and city street from spliced pictures of my collection of Carcassonne, France

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