The True Light – The Antes Temple

Lets Play Two

Dear Indaris and CrIsis,

I cannot believe that it has been 2 years since I have written you! I had been awaiting the promised reply from dear Overkill, but unfortunately with his passing I felt I must reach out to the group. I shall miss him, and always honor his name, gruffness and all!

Blessed holder of the Staff, his holiness U’Selekma has let me know that you are currently in the Holiest of Cities, and thus I am reaching out to you.

I feel that war is not only imminent, but being caused by those of my own home, the Eastern Territory! I have tried hard to negotiate peace, but it seems that two of the territories have chosen to try to provoke war! I have always known that Southwatch was difficult to bring to task, mostly due to the fact that they cannot seem to distinguish between a Coyle and a Wolfen, but they have gotten much worse since the Duke of Southwatch married.

Llorn used to be reasonable, but Duke VasPasseon has been highly erratic recently. He even executed a well-respected Palladin named Sir Thurgood for questioning a small procedural change, calling him a spy for the Wolfen Empire. He also has recently taken a wife.

I feel that the only way that I may be able to keep an all-out war from erupting is by showing the Gods favor by having a piece of the Lawgiver brought to the Pyramid City, and placed in the holiest of temples, the Antes Temple.

Haven is referred to as the Pyramid City to this day due to the fact that it was the first city to hold a Pyramid, and the only one to hold a Piece until CrIsis arrived. The Antes Temple has its second level, the only one to have the potential of being two pyramids- and has always been a beacon.

I may not be able to sway Southwatch and Llorn, but if the Gods choose to bless us soon I may be able to keep the rest of the Region from declaring war- something I know none of you wish to happen….

I hope to see you all soon!

Written on the 4th of Od by Bishop Rose Nodeki, in the 343rd year of the Dominion of the Eastern Territory.

Golden temple picture is of the Harmandir Sahib.
The second temple picture is of the Temple of Edfu.

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  • WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! Thurgood is DEAD!!!!!! I am going to start wearing a red hat and riding a giant reindeer. Send his wife a note…

    …You better not be evil,
    You better not lie,
    because Xerx’ses Claus is coming to town! To shove coal down the black witch’s throat!

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