The Unremembered



Human Sailor, part of the crew on the Shield of Light or as is known across much of the Land and Sea ‘Oh by the Gods, it’s them – run for your lives’
We have been helping them in their seafaring, and the fact that we are still alive proves that we are the best sailors around. We have transported the semi-divine that made one think of retiring to a peaceful island and evil artefacts that give you nightmares and worse just looking at them. We have circled the world, and made port at the most wondrous places, and filthy places where you wouldn’t even raise a pig. Without us, the Crew of the Shield of Light, The Great Lord Osiris would not have been remade, but do we go strutting around taverns and inns pretending to be normal people, no we don’t (shut up yuletide, no don’t write that, no no not that either, stop you stupid pen thing, LORD MERKL, YOUR PEN THING ISN’T WORKING PROPERLY . . . THANK YOU).

Where was I, Oh yes, We don’t try to pretend to be normal people, as we are a step above. Chosen it seems for quests most dangerous and Holy, but do we get recognition, noooo we don’t, so here I am rectifying that.

I have been eaten by sea serpents, flung into water, been enchanted, attacked, mesmerised, frozen, cooked and served with sauce. We have seen Crisis members come and go but here we stay, no one shall defeat us because we are, and always will be the Crew of the Shield of Light. Annie has been transformed by holy magic, Yuletide has miraculously survived even though his snoring can wake the dead. Komvar, the Semi Divine Minotaur who isn’t, Jershon our Capitan has learnt the secret ways through the Sea of despair and captained the ship both times.

We have suffered and cheered, cried and laughed with Crisis.

We shall not be forgotten.


Picture by AZ-Rune


3 Responses to “The Unremembered

  • Poor Jinx, really bad stuff has happened to him.

  • Always remember, never forget!

  • Love the cross out section and the run away- fun log

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