Thoth’s Urgent Message

Caught Him On a Good Day

The God Thoth speaks to the Troll Priest Grignak as CrIsis is being led to the inn. Due to the fact that Silent Dream has group telepathy on, all but Ursus, who has blocked his mind, hear the God’s message.

”Know this CrIsis, your runic weapons will lose their powers once you enter the borders of the Crystal Kingdom! All magics and mind powers will be unreliable as well. Only those that have been granted the powers of the Crystals by the Crystal ruler are unaffected!”

Thoth continues, ”Only items of the Gods, the Millennium Tree, or items given by the Gods, are immune!”

”The Crystal Kingdom senses anger and bloodshed, and you will be best served by entering it with no combat. Once inside the Castle itself, of course you will need to protect yourselves. Remember the words of Lictalon and Jase Wendryn as well. This is all I can say. The fate of all rest in your capable hands.”

With those words the presence of Thoth fades from Grignak.

Warning given on the 6th of Thoth, 114PA.

Picture of Thoth by our own AZ Rune


6 Responses to “Thoth’s Urgent Message

  • This was a timely letter with useful information – I hope it didn’t break the agreement and spark another skirmish in Ma’ip!

  • One can only hope!

  • This helped us a lot. It also helped me win a championship belt. Good thing their power faded though.

  • Yeah Ursus didn’t get the info first hand, but Everyone would agree that have Ursus running around in your head is a good thing.

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