Not Getting Through

Dearest CrIsis:

I have confirmed with my Ramen friend that the one named Ferrel is now one of your group. It disturbs me that there has been much upheaval in CrIsis, but that is the Gods and your own concern. At least Overkill responded to my previous message- I ask only that you respond as well to this one, so I know who of CrIsis whose names are safe are still with the group since we last shared, so long ago. Ferrel, this is not to insult you, but in my given position currently, fighting to bring peace among so many that wish bloodshed, one must be careful.

I have stated twice before, on the 26th of Selestra last year (War Imminent) and on the 16th of Grekar (Assistance Needed), that I try with all my will to prevent what seems like certain war between the Eastern Territory and the Wolfen Empire. Both the Ramen who helps guide me, and Elyth have told me that another piece is to join the blessed Heart of Osiris at the Antes Temple here in Haven. With that being said, the last 2 missives from your blessed group have thoroughly confused me.

Overkill stated that “As for your request of the next piece of Osiris coming to Eastern Territories, I can concur that I do not want war and that I will ask of my companions of its safe delivery to New Haven….but I am certain that my ‘family’ will agree that it is for all of Palladium, and that it is necessary.” First I heard nothing until the latest message, which was not from Overkill, nor did it state why the piece went to Overkill’s homeland, Sinza. Seemed doubly odd as he had stated in his letter that he was now a citizen of the Wolfen Empire, which I had of course not mentioned to anyone until it came out in your Fourth Book, ‘CrIsis Triumphant?’. Also, I was surprised to hear that he planned not bringing it here, but across the river to New Haven. Lastly, Overkill mentioned a quest that Isis herself had given all of you that was separate, but no other words on that have since been mentioned.

This brings me to the most recent message I received. I am disturbed that there are fractures among your group, strong enough to mention- “CrIsis, against the objections of myself and Gavin, has chosen to take the Finger of Osiris and search out the next piece of Osiris.” Then there was the not so veiled threat of “Know this, the gods will not be used. Bafag has been killed for wresting control of the previous piece of Osiris.” I serve the same Gods as you, and my frustration with the Pantheon of Taut during my quest for peace has been well documented- although I know it is my duty to serve the Dark and the Light. I only beg of you to help for the peace process is not going well. There is no selfishness or agenda beyond trying to achieve lasting peace. I have not yet delivered your proclamation, as I am concerned about whether all of CrIsis understands the ramifications of such a statement.

I hope you will answer a fellow servant of the Gods queries promptly… I do look forward, as always, to your visit. Haven is becoming a much more dangerous place, however, so be wary. I hope to help you in any way that I can with your Holy Quest!

Ever Faithfully,
Bishop Rose Nodeki
Message sent on the 13th of Algor, in the 342nd year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture by the one and only Frank Frazetta.

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