Tick Tock

Biological Clocks Can Be Loud


It has been two months since I last heard from you! I hope all is well with you, and your beautiful scarred body is safe! How close are you to being finished- there should only be three pieces left to place according to my sources.

I never knew how much work being the Bishop of Bast would be! Much of the work is tedium, but there are many new, unexpected, exciting pieces! Did you know that the Bishops of both Light and Dark meet regularly, and cooperate? I am developing a friendship with the Bishop of Anhur, who seems to be the main stickler for the Agreement. Who would have known?

I am so proud of you and your achievement of Demigod of Slavery and Freedom! Of course I cannot turn my back on Bast, but I am always yours! I look forward to the promised discussions you mention, but most of all I hear the moving of sun dials! The days are flying by, and I wish to make a child with my beloved! Hurry to Sekti-Abtu! His Holiness also says he has information for you on Çynopolis.

Forever in Bast,


Sent on the 25th of Od in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas.

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6 Responses to “Tick Tock

  • Woof! Tis an interesting mixture because of divine metabolism and reproduction options.

  • There are two Clocks ticking away here, here Biological clock and the impending Rebuilding of a God

  • It is the Church of Light AND Dark after all! Of course they have to coordinate. It’s nice to see that it’s still happening.

  • I still love Kat- she has been awesome to write as.

  • I love her too. Perhaps it is the tight leather.


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