Time Is Fear’s Cold Sweat

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.
| At the at the Library of Bletherad.

Dear Master Chronicler of Light,

My name is Kom’var Spellborn, and we have never “TECHNICALLY” met. Via my “Creator’s” last “pigeon missive” you are aware of how I came to be. Please forgive me as I am scribing this using a‘fleet feet spell’ because I am trying to keep up with the action that seems to be sitting outside good old Rogtilda right now.

Having been created / born only a few days ago and then left to task of making sure Rogtilda and her crew stayed safe. I know my creator thought I would go through his clothes and find something to wear. In fact he mentioned it to Mistress Hannah, the Silver Bell Faerie sitting on his horn as they left. It has occurred to with a second brain, eyes, and mind to process what I see that my Creator, and by extension myself, is an idiot. I am stuck in this room, naked, and only Books of CrIsis a Silver Skull, old books of Elf and Dwarf Poetry from something I remember being called the “Second Peace Era.” Oh, yes, lest we not forget the Tristine Chronicles, and one of his Quill’s of endless ink. The last item is actually coming in handy right now.

Needless to say he told the crew that he had made a copy of himself to guard the ship, however, they thought he was just as much of an idiot I as do that he left me with no clothing forgetting he takes “EVERYTHING” with him. It’s a good thing we’re Minotaurs or we couldn’t haul half of this crap around! It’s like being a Wizard with a built in mule.

I need to stop bashing on the person that gave me life after all we were one in the same. Well every joke about “Hey look at the big bull on the ship” to “HEY! Watch where you’re turning bull-o, not the way I want to get cock blocked” and every iteration was lobbed in my direction till Master Jershon and Mistress Annie arrive. The odd thing here is that I have my “Creator’s” memories but he failed to give me emotional context for nearly all of them! Imagine looking at your life as a play – with no words spoken – and having to guess at why something is funny, meaningful, or hurts. I know Xerx’ses has these scars from when Zii’clymnt and Ca’zan tried to kill him by burning down his teacher’s tower and beating him to death. However, his embarrassment, was not readily conveyed with emotional context and I have to access these memories since it is our whole life he gave me. Mistress Annie and the whole damn ship finally saw how scarred my left side was, and I know “we” have resisted every attempt to get this healed because it is our reminder of the abuse of power. Since you have met “us” you have at least seen our face’s left side. Sixty percent of our back (mostly left side), left arm, left rib cage, and left leg were burned.

It is due to our meeting with “She of Countless Names” that it no longer hurts. During “our” first meeting with her. “We” had done our best to hide the pain of the beatings, and being burned by the fire in the lab. It took “us” a week to make it to the surface. I remember that the pain seems to have been excruciating and had “we” not been summoned I do not believe “we” would have survived. Heavenly Isis lifted “us” unto her realm and gave “our” life meaning. She asked about our wounds and I can hear the speech my Creator gave and while the scars stay they hurt no more, physically at least.

Having no emotions to associate, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to share the stories in much greater detail about how my Creator came to be in CrIsis. Mistress Honeysuckle (whom I might add looks very far along her pregnant state with one of the upcoming children of Master Overkill), was helping to hold Mistress Annie up for apparently their are a lot of similar facets of his tale and how she lost her family. The only other time he has let people see his scars was at the Lopanic Games. Now that “our” past had been laid bare for the crew Jershon set them to tasks and added that checking in with the Office of the Golden Key in the Church of Ra for clothes for me. Mistress Annie asked what my greatest skill was and I told her, “My Creator has forgotten in many ways how fantastic ‘we’ are with knives.” She returned that day with two blades that for my size would be perfect! Apparently, the church had some clothes and boots donated by a Titan from the city of Basst. He does this every year and they were able to make reductions based on notes they acquired from a guardian of the Pyramid here, in Credia. I owe the Titan some distinct thanks for now I have three identical robes, a leather belt, boots, and 3 pairs of pants. They even got me wool mantle with pull up hood for when it snows! It would appear my Creator’s use of “WHITE DEATH POWDER” has begun to spread among the captains of the southern seas from stories being spread by Mistress Honeysuckle and Mistress Annie.

Hmm, sorry I had to take a short break and quietly warn Jershon that ReSet just showed up on the docks and they are waiting I believe for my Creator and his friends. Being in my hooman form has been rather handy.

Jershon laid the rules down of trying to be in disguise whenever I need to go above deck during the day in any port we hit. Last thing the ship needs is to look like it is smuggling Minotaurs around the world to cause mischief. I agreed and we limited myself to a hooman form to about 4 hours a day where I could help out around the ship. I explained that I am still sifting through the memories of his life and cannot currently tell if I am having a bad dream or a bad memory. I mean on the night of the 27th of Gryphon I throught I dreamed about Xerx’ses rejecting an offer of mating from Lady Torchwood and then getting locked in his room! As though that was not bad enough I saw that he was so depressed he tried to kill himself! I sat up with a start terrified my time on this world was about to become miraculously short!

Seeing my first sunrise on the 28th was so beautiful. During the funeral for Master Overkill and Master Asher I, well . . . everyone on the docks really, heard my Creator sing a last goodbye dirge to them both. I was shifting through memories as fast as I could but apparently he did not leave me with that skill. Nor can I remember him ever singing! People on the docks and everyone on the ship bowed their heads! His voice carried over from the parade ground across the water. Those in attendance were not the only mourners feeling the weight of words with him, the whole of the docks mourned with him. He picked a song others knew for the whole of Rogtilda began to join in and soon voice all over the docks began singing! Soon the singing was replaced with crying though as people remembered those that had passed away. Seeing how death impacted everyone I made sure I was going to try and live my 16 years to the fullest before I lost myself to the cold sweat of fear I had the prior night. Thinking my time had already gone and I had not even gotten started!

Hmm, sorry I had to take another short break and quietly warn Jershon that ReSet seems to be preparing for something but none of their attention is turned to the ship, yet.

Four days prior the creation of this missive CrIsis was said to have gone into the Pyramid of Credia which appeared in place of the “Star Plaza” monument overnight about 3 months ago! Many stories were traded with fellow sailors on our berth while I would listen in from the deck above. Quietly, living life through the crew nice enough to bring it and I as close together as either side can seem to have without the cold sweat of fear kicking in. I love the life I have it’s like being a dragon, fully aware at birth! Even though it may only be sixteen years I will suck every last drop of joy out of them and can look back knowing I had have no regrets.

I think I saw Mistress Hannah flit overhead but she is so fast I cant be sure! Going to warn Jershon!

Okay I am back and oh snap! Master Ja’Deir just launched himself into the air armed with psi-sword and shield! He just took down Zizean with single blow! I can see crowds forming in the distance trying to watch. I just caught a glimpse of silver & starlight as Mistress Hannah used one of her faerie arrows to knock out their elf archer! She appears to be sleeping sleeping on the docks! My Creator lobbed a lighting spear at her but appears to have missed! He is wearing his full armor and casting magic while holding a sword. SHITE! Well the snake’s out of the cave now on that rumor. Tales of the armor-wearing, battle-casting, minotaur wizard are bound to begin making the rounds as OH SHITE!!!!!!! Lord Raulf just took down the dark wizard / nercomancer IN ONE BLOW AND THEN BLOOD CAME OUT HIS EYES, NOSE, AND MOUTH AS HE DIED FROM WHAT APPEARS TO BE A REVENGE CURSE!!! Oh DAMN!

Father Indaris just popped out of a shadow and leaped into Darksong’s! Darksong was swinging the Sword of Anubis at Master Ja’Deir and was deftly parried! Then the GIANT ORC that nearly killed “us” after “our” battle with the “The Terror” swung his blood red rune blade spiked club down multiple times at Master Ja’Deir. The spiked club got through to the noble Ashada. Then the good Father brought OATHBRINGER DOWN AND SMOTE HEAVENLY RETRIBUTION UPON THE SYVAN!!! Golden light burned away the black inky blood as it CRUSHED THE HEAD INTO ITS CHEST IN ONE FELL BLOW!!!!!!! Master Ja’Deir is keeping the Giant Orc busy as my Creator and a hooman of some kind were surveying the battle like generals. The hooman mooved but what he exactly did was to hard to see because a blizzard had begun to fall!

Okay, not a fan of snow, OH SHITE!!!!! SHITE!!!!!!!

The ReSet Hooman just disappeared and took Zizean, the Nerco Mage, and Lord Raulf!!!! He had the Lawgiver’s Left Hand!!!!!! This is officially bad!!!! My Creator just leaped forward and used his two remaining lightning spears to sever Darksong’s arm and scoop it and the Sword of Anubis up in the bag with the pocket dimension!!! Now they can’t track our teleporting!!!


Recasting, more words soon,

Kom’var Spellborn,
Wizard defender of Rogtilda

>> Written by Kom’var Spellborn, written upon the 5th of Grekar, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Rod Rambler picture from Nonsonogaia.
Raulf, Legolimp, Darksong, Hannah, and Kom’var pictures by AZ_RUNE.
Kneeling Minotaur by Capprotti.
Lady in yellow dress, picture by Nomuh.

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