Time’s Frozen Pain

We have done so much, and come so far in the name of The Goddess.

I should be overjoyed.

We have rescued a tribe of lost children, who had been marooned on a mysterious isle for Isis knows how long.

We have outwitted air elementals, and defeated sea monsters bent on swallowing us whole.

Just yesterday, we encountered three juvenile ice dragons who demanded our surrender. We killed one, drove off another, and intimidated the third into giving up his prey.

I was even granted the power of flight for a few brief, but glorious, minutes during the encounter.

I should be overjoyed.

But I am not.

Bexx is dead; Greldarr and Rell, my contentious brothers, have left.

The East is preparing for war, and my good name has been sullied with baseless accusations.

Overkill tells me that Mary still hates me, and would happily see me dead.

One of the dragons took Robert, and now Chip is as good as dead, having announced that he will return to that strange netherworld he calls home, and from whence I foresee no return.

He will not tell me why.

I can do nothing but watch, helpless and alone, as the only family I have slowly disintegrates into nothingness.

I never should have come here.

I never should have joined this quest.

Everything I love becomes cursed, and everything I touch falls apart.

Posted by Cava on the 20th of Ra, in the 341st year of the Dominion.

Doctor Who © BBC.

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