To The Esteemed Commander Of The Dawn

To the esteemed Commander of the Dawn, Sir Quixis Ote,

This missive is being sent to you because the amount of communications to Bishop Rose makes me fear for its monitoring. In the morning CrIsis will set sail on Rogtilda’s final voyage. We are anticipating his first one pit stop to be in Haven and then on to the Timiro Kingdom. There he will spend his final days until the Festival of Apis when he will ascend to the Ma’ip.

I cannot fathom the scope of your duties, nor will I try and by doing so possibly insult you. Osiris’ Unyielding Strength remembers you fondly and mentioned you in a recent “campaign log” he wrote. I heard him writing letters and when he yawns due to being tired one can rarely mistake the sound. He mentioned wanting to write to you so you could say good bye to Roggan before his end. I took it upon myself to reach out to you and let him sleep awhile longer after facing the Arch Fiend, Ratel, some Ratlings and their god, Kirgi, alongside Khonsu’s Reaper and Jershon! A full day if ever there was one!

Please let the the Bishop know discretely, for we are uncertain as to the political climate in your fair and holy city. As I am tired myself helping in a meager way during the above mentioned battle we had in the center of Bletherad city square. I am finding an appropriate ending difficult. So I will end it with…

…Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the 12th of Gryphon in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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