To Witness A God Die

A Crucible – Part 2

Continuing from Tempering The Weapon

The following morning on the 18th of Majestic, Luther was handed a scroll and told to read it when he was ready to go with his gear either on him or around his person inside a 10 foot radius. Once he did so a glowing circle of magic began to appear as he read the words of a Prayer of Travel which invoked the teleporation effect of the scroll! Blue light filled his vision and he when it cleared he was gone. A few seconds later his sight had adjusted to the dark room lit by torch light. Remembering the other instructions he had been given. He began fumbling for the folded note tucked in his belt with the Bishop’s wax seal. A creaking sound to his right caused him to leap over his gear and into a stance holding the note out like a dagger.

“HAHAHAHA! We were expecting you acolyte and I see you ‘ave the note of introduction. Let me read it so I can tell the boys to lower their crossbows,” as his vision focused on the speaker he began to gaze about the room and counted at least TEN quarrels pointed in his direction. Once the “ALL CLEAR” was given everyone was far more friendly, but Luther knew these type of people. They were just like the gangs of Llorn during the dark times. They were unlike the masses that only worried about where their next meal or crop was coming from. They “knew” they were in a war for their souls and had decided to be active participants. Luther knew these people very well.

It took two days to locate and begin casing a target to disguise Luther as. The night of the 24th of Majestic they struck and tied the priest up. One member of the Eye stayed at the house while Luther went forth to gain access to the grand temple of the Dark known far and wide as the ‘Dome of Celestial Virtue’. It was two days before the first and potentially last communication was sent via a magical scroll designed to send word to the same recipient in two locations: Credia and Sekti-Abtu.

Bishop Tutu,

In case I don’t survive the next few moments this event needs to be recorded for the world. I have been in disguise of a Priest of Darkness for the last day. I made sure it was a low end of a medium ranking member that helped with the gaoler duties. At twilight on 25th of Majestic – yesterday, I was cleaning one of the cells next to the lower level sacrificial chamber of the ‘Dome of Celestial Virtue’ in New Haven. Bes, yes the god, Bes the Depraved has arrived in New Haven to – in his words – erase a mistake.

I am not ashamed to say I hid within the shadows in a supplication pose because I had just found the one called, Tiny. It was not long before they left the area and I continued surveying the level I found him on. I did not break my disguise for fear Tiny might inadvertently expose me before I could effect his rescue. The problem I had was that this layer had creepy mystical eyes attached to the ceiling that could shoot magic at you! I don’t know if they were mystically linked to an owner, or functioned on independent action?

The following morning on 26th I had to kill the priest I was disguised as because he had gotten free of his bonds and nearly broke my cover. I don’t think his core was evil, so could you say a prayer for him? If his letters in this small room are any indication his name is, Absalom of New Haven. Given he was a follower of Bes is the reason I am asking, since Bes is no more – THE GOD BES DIED TODAY!

For clarity, when I arrived at the ‘Dome of Celestial Virtue’ on the morning of the 26th of Majestic. I had heard the Shield of Light was an hour out from docking in Haven. Roughly five or six hours later they are brought under some sort of magical geas to the same gaoler cells Tiny was located in. I was gathered up as a group of five priests to extract, Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper, from his cell.

They had done something to him! He was cowering in a corner clutching his left side complaining about the burning as we approached him he cried out for Ca’zan, Zii’clymnt to leave him alone and he would never see Luur’na again! The magic needed to affect a Demigod must have come from Bes himself. Odd, Bes is rather short for a god I suppose because he’s about the same size as the Oathkeeper.

They tried to get him to promise to go somewhere, but all I heard him cry out was for Zeelik to rescue him, and please don’t let Groun’na near him. I have read the Books of CrIsis and know these were vision of the past he was locked in. Soon he was handed over to the god Bes directly and when the god touched his forehead the magical past visions faded. The Oathkeeper stood up and walked with Bes back down to the gaoler cells. Behind them was twenty Tauton minions! With the Eye Tile I had dropped at the corner of the base of the stairs coming down into the cell area. I was able to see their walk down as I was behind the Tauton minions. I was able to overhear Bes threaten CrIsis to hand over the Pieces of Osiris and they would be allowed to leave.

That apparently was the WRONG THING TO SAY! ! ! As the Oathkeeper attacked Bes in physical confrontation while the rest of CrIsis tried to help and one among them played a something to inspire the others to glory. However, when depraved men use their twig and berries to deflower the innocent virgins they had better learn the lesson of Bes the Depraved! Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper can now be called Xerx’ses the Dickripper!!! FOR HE TORE THE WHOLE SET OF COCK AND BALLS OFF THE GOD!! As he was struck by Bes in the same moment! Then the explosion of a god’s vitae destroyed everything around it! I saw the Seeker of Isis fall along with someone dressed a lot like Khonsu’s Reaper! While the Oathkeeper survived the blast it was Khonsu’s Revenant that helped to get everyone out and as the last of the ‘Dome of Celestial Virtue’ fell in on itself he emerged with the dead of the group!



In service,

Standing amid the ruins of the remnants of the ‘Dome of Celestial Virtue’ the vision of Luther begins to fade as he spies Tiny with CrIsis.

Seen in a vision by, Rod Rambler, chronicler of the tales of CrIsis.

Using Xerx’ses’ parchment and because it is the second part of a joint log between Kiralon and I. The font is from Indaris, for the further adventures of Luther.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at:

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