Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight

Hey Mom,

It was great to see you. I hope you enjoyed the show. I did warn you it would get ugly with bringing those girls. What did you think of the two concerts? I guess I am a demigod now. I don’t know what to think of it. I feel the same. Apparently I have 808 followers. People are wanting to see the “Rock God”. We had an 80 bass guitarist encore where we played Big Bottom. It took forever to introduce them all, but I think it was worth it. Did you like when I pointed you out and they made you crowd surf? This new life is fun. If I live I think we will continue our tour. I want to hit all the major kingdoms. Maybe we can promote peace and unity through music. I know that many before me have fought for this, but maybe this medium will be what it takes. Anyhow have a safe flight home. I will see you one day. Remember that our family will always have access to VIP passes for all my shows. They will be at will call. Just ask for them under the pseudo name Herps McGee. I heard that name from a sports announcer. They will know that its for you though and not him. He likes to wear plaid suits. Anyhow much love.


Picture from DreamsTime.


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