Traitors in the East

Greetings Malkin,

I know we have not met in person yet, but I wish to send you several pieces of information. The first is that we have discovered a traitor lord of the east who hires thugs to kill humans that venture near the disputed lands and dressing the kills to make it look like Wolfen attacks. I have attached a copy of the signet symbol given to these thugs. There is also a copy of the letter attached. This is troubling especially with new news that only one of great stature as yourself can give to the world. We have stumbled upon findings that seem to point towards the creation of Wolfen by the elves and humans. This would proves strange especially based on the timeline my research has pointed to: after the Chaos Wars. I will continue to search for proof, but you will be told when I have more proof. I am seeking it now in a secret location. I hope these items aid you in bringing peace to the world. With hopefully the war in the west being aided, and now this in the east, we may finally be able to find rest for our farmers turned soldiers and the boys can return home to their mothers. Send a prayer on its way and we will get to you when we can.

Blessings and peace be upon you,
The Man with No Name

Picture by Wikipedia – Signet Ring.



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