Trust Issues

Dear Khonsu’s Reaper

I realize you have trust issues- I read all the logs after all. However, you must trust me to allow me to help you! The information in your last missive gave me little detail to follow up on!

The Disputed Territory is large! Where did you encounter these brigands?
Which Lord of the Eastern Territory is behind this?
The Letter was not included- what did it say?
What findings did you uncover? A link between Elves, Humans, and Wolfen? In what manner are they linked?
I know that you have arrived in Avramstown, and are searching for Wo-Elfenbrut from your compatriots- why do you say it is in a secret location- or are you going elsewhere?

I cannot help you unless you ask me to help, with specifics! Please do so!!

May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 8th of Kym-nark-mar in the 71st year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture of an angry Malkin by Kostas.

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