Two Bits Of Prose

Death Defeated, Returning Heroes

CrIsis yet astounds! I saw two members fall, but using Scrolls of Osiris that were literally gifts of the Gods of Light they were resurrected on the spot! These fallen warriors, the noble Dwarven captain Overkill, and the scion of dance and earth, the Troglodyte Roggan, did not pause, but immediately sought to join again the battle! For their beating of death I have composed the following piece, which pales next to their heroism!





Death Defeated

They fight Anubis for a living
It is him they cannot control
For whatever they are giving
He will end up with their soul.

Yet they seem to laugh in his face
Even with a direct gift from him
They operate with such perfect grace
Despite the fact the odds are grim.

Anubis is waiting, he is ever there
Trying to prevent rebirth of his sire
He has sent many against CrIsis to bear
Situation faced are most dire!

Old Ones about to be summoned, they come
CrIsis joins with the Legion as one
Deevils, Arch Fiends, everywhere there’s scum.
Yet Death Defeated again, having taken none.

For all of CrIsis, and for the Heroes of the Legion of Northmoor, I have composed a short missive. Yes, the two greatest collections of heroes joined forces this glorious day! The Legion, led by the one and only Jidian Kulder, joined CrIsis themselves in going through a Stone Tower, defeating Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and Deevils before reaching the ultimate terror- and Arch Fiend who held the Glaive of the Old Ones over the barely alive Sister Gaia! The Fiend was trying to summon an Old One and bring us back to the Age of Chaos! Of course, the light prevailed- else I would have perished, for I saw this with my own eyes!

Meanwhile, the other core Legionnaires, the Ogre Undead Hunter Ulric Highdeed, the powerful stone Dwarf Jade Hands, the master Gnome wizard Hobe Bygone, and the beautiful, deadly Elven Swordswoman Lady Shandra Hursaii III held off an army of Gigantes, Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, and Goblins! When finally we reached outside- well, part of another tale. Here is my tribute to the conquering heroes!





The Heroes

Leave your home behind, lad,
And reach your friends your hand,
And go, and luck go with you
While Stone Tower still stands.

Oh, come you home of Sunday
When your streets are still
And your bells are calling
To farm and lane and mill,

Or come you home of Monday
When your markets hum
And your chimes are playing
“The conquering heroes come,”

Come you home a hero,
Or come not home at all,
The lads you leave will mind you
Till Stone Tower shall fall.

And you will list the bugle
That blows in lands of morn,
And make the foes of Light
Be sorry you were born.

And you till trump of doomsday
On lands of morn may lie,
And make the hearts of comrades
Be heavy where you die.

Leave your home behind you,
Your friends by field and town:
Oh, town and field will mind you
Till Stone Tower is down.

Composed by Terramore Gleba.
Submitted On the 16th of Majestic in the 22nd year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II

Second poem plagiarized from A E Housman.
First image from KoryWayne.
Second image is from Jonas Jensen.

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