Update From Haven

Sir Quixis Ote Reporting

I am most thrilled by your execution of payment to the shipwrights of Virtue here in Haven. These good men have assured me that the repairs on Matilda will be completed upon the date scheduled, the 16th of good Selestra, if not the day before. She again glows yellow, as the lady Isis’ holy eternal torch, that binds you together and protects your noble souls. I long to again to take up arms on your behalf, to fight the Darkness, to renew my lord Osiris!

When shall you return so that I may assist you in your holy quest? I long to sail under the steady hand of Captain Overkill, to watch the noble Cava slay enemies from the crow’s nest with the exquisite Inas. I wish to see proud Tyvernos wield power over the air itself, while ever-cheerful Roggan controls the Earth itself! I wish to see Gavin, the blessed boy/man make evil quell before his powers of the mind, and I wish to see the noble titan Vandur in action for the first time- I am sure it is majestic!

Waiting here to serve you!

Written on the 7th of Selestra by the servant of Osiris, Sir Quixis Ote, in the 341st year of the noble dominion of the Eastern Territory.

Picture by B.F. Gribble

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