There are going to be a lot less Dragons around…or a lot less Ursus.


1st of Mik Na, 3rd Year of the Rebirth.


Greetings Brudder Kulder,


First, apologies as I don’t recall having written you whatsoever. This is a complete oversight on my part, as a loyal ally and friend to CrIsis you deserve at least a missive from us, once in a while.


So here you go, all that has been happening with CrIsis for about the last month. We have been in Sekti Abtu for most of the month, The Shield of Light needed extension repairs after traversing the Sea of Despair. We survived, obviously, and had sea food…A LOT! While in Sekti Abtu several bits of business needed tending.


Just as we arrived in port Brudder Malkin appears before CrIsis. he has some news and some intel. He hands me a detailed note on (redacted). I humbly thank him for the note and for taken care of My Ansa & My Childs in my absence. He shows me his scars. Poor fella, you’d think someone of his wisdom and knowledge would know to wear full plate armor when playing with the Childs. I offered to give him my blessing, he paused for some thought (I think) and politely declined.


As we finished our business with Brudder Malkin, a familiar voice called up to the ship: “Hail, CrIsis, your presence is required by His Holiness, Lord Pontiff U’selekma. Attendance is requested post haste!” Poor Totem, recognized the voice right away and the wrong head (or right, depending on your point of view) took control. He tried to leap straight from the deck to the docks. As I said, the wrong head was thinking and he didn’t judge the distance and caught the rail with his feet. He was able to snag a rope or got tangled in it. The result, there is now a Totem shaped face hole in the side of the Ship. It was Her Eminence, Kitty-Kat, High Priestess of Bast and Wife to poor Totem. Well, the rest of us calmly WALKED down the gang plank, making sure to stare at Totem as he hung off the side of the ship, all of us greeting Her Eminence properly before Totem was even untangled. Once all of us were together we had audience with His Holiness.


His Holiness gave us more intel and advice concerning our next step in putting our Lord back together. He also presented us with a gift, a large chest full of Old Kingdom coins and Western Gold. The amount I could not tell you, not because I don;t know, but because that large of a number is mind buggling to me. I heard a 4 which I think I know, then what I think was ate (that made me hungry) then medallions of each or something. What ever, so much it was difficult for me to carry. I asked His Holiness his advice on Gobbly’s new found Godly power for gifting others with Psionic powers. His Holiness gave me a lesson on Individual Faith versus Group Faith and how the sum of the parts may be greater than the whole. I politely asked him to refrain from using maths when teaching me, it cause a mental breakdown.


All Crisis agreed to visit Apis’ Temple, as a whole, to proceed with attempting to bless, namely me, with another psionic power, namely the ability to resist the power of the learned. Gobbly led us in the Ceremony and ALL of CrIsis gave prayer or reverence to Mighty Apis. Our request didn’t fall on deaf ears as I did gain the ability. We all felt most blessed after that and I think we all gained a lesson, working as a team will help us to prevail.


We all proceeded to Brudder Azariel’s shop for various reasons. Each took their turn, requesting various items and task to be performed to help us prevail. Upon my turn, my first request was simple, repair my Armor. My second request was…well…interrupted…


defiance-tooth-pic-verticalDamn you Ursus, when I say “KILL THE SCALY” you had better follow through next time…


…AS I WAS SAYING…interrupted. It seems Brudder Azariel employs a…


…Don’t say it you giant flea ridden walking floor rug…


…a creature that shall not be mentioned. It seems I wanted to attack and kill it. Yeah Brudder Azarial took issue with that and I was literally ejected from the shop. There is now an Ursus shaped hole in his front door. Lightweight yelled out something about autographs and I was swarmed for several hours by CrIsis fans. Later that day I attempted to talk with Brudder Azariel again, this time however, Mr. Tooth gained enough strength and took control. The moment I stepped foot in the shop, I began to rant and rave about…



…yes that, Mr. Tooth seemed to produce himself and WE went charging after the…THING…Well, again Brudder Azarial took issue, and I was ejected again…through the exact same hole from the morning and in the exact same fashion, as I went out it in the same position. Well, WE weren’t having it and charged back; however, this time an unseen wall was in place. So WE commenced trying to rip through the wall, even turning Bear to try and claw our way through it. So for about 6 hours, most of CrIsis and the entire shop staff were trapped, while I tried to claw my way through the “wall” Eventually, either I ran out of steam or Mr. Tooth ran out of control. Needless to say, no autographs were signed that afternoon. I eventually had my second request fulfilled, more insight into Bennu’s Flame. Brudder Azariel told me to visit one of her Temples and I may receive an answer. Well, lets just say that because of a very lucky High Priest, I am still standing here to tell this tale, instead of a pile of ash blowing around inside of her Temple. I gained the insight I was looking for and a new found respect for Her.



Shredder decided to put together a massive concrete to raise funds and awareness of the Fight & Plight of CrIsis. It was a wonderful event, all of CrIsis took part and most of Sekti Abtu was in attendance. I got to be a flaming ball of wreck. Shredder said I was a referendum to one of the bard’s trapped in his little magic music box.


One last thing, I decide to visit Frank (he doesn’t like how I SAY THAT btw) the Ace-Mark. I didn’t really now where his office was, but I knew it was near the receiving room & I knew where that was. Well, as you know my past exploits, they have beefed up the door defense around here. As I got a fair distance from teh room and I could see the door, a horrific alram began ringing out and…ummm…LOTS, lets just say lots, of Soldiers came rushing out of everywhere, all of them looking as though that wanted to fight me and slit their own throats at the same time. I was impressed and bid them all farewell. One fella (seeming pissing in his boots) approached calling me back. It turns out I am nore infamous for breaking down doors (at least in Sekti Abtu) then just about any of my other exploits. The guy asked that I refrain from opening any more doors (at least here in Sekti Abtu). These poor soles had been tasked with “guarding” the Receiving room and were to quick-reacy at a moments notice if I ever showed up. Even putting a special “Ursus defection Spell”. They fealt they would be of better use on the front lines against other forces. I saw the wisdom in what they asked and agreed to not open anymore doors in Sekti Abtu. No promises anywhere else though. Hi, I’m Ursus Monstrous Arctos, DemiGod of the Monsters, Patron of Monogamy and Destroyer of Doors. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


We sailed out on the 26th of Kompak. I have been taking many watches on the bow to help alleviate the crew. I have a short break and felt I needed to send this to you. May The Traveller bless you along your path and may you see Osiris once again.


Ursus Monstrum Actos

Sent to Jidian Kulder via His Holiness, The Pontiff U’Selekma.

Jidian Kulder, Bennu’s Flame and Mr. Tooth drawn by our own AZ_RUNE



  • Not bad he is improving every day.

  • Destroyer of doors- this shall be fun

  • The Ursus-shaped hole in Azariel’s wall that he was sent through twice is probably my fondest memory of last game!

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