Wow, this guy is asking for it, Remeber kids, “Don’t Poke the Bear”.

CrIsis is packing up their gear and loading up the Guppy


HEY FUZZY, your not so big, I betcha I could takeya…in a contest of ale, that is.


Hey BigFoot, I’m tryin ta pack up here. Can we do dis laters?


What’s wrong FUZZY, yous yeller?


defiance-tooth-pic-verticalURSUS, remember your training, this fool doesn’t deserve a response.



THIRST, Iams no ones dog, seconds, Eyes fear little, special lee you.


Ya should be yeller, I can take anyone in a contest of the ale and mead


You know what…anyone braggarts that much deserves what they ask for. Fella, I feel for you.


You nose what…fines…we doin this…sense you are the challenger I pick the brew.




Ursus pulls a tiny flask from his pack, gently pulling the stopper from the top, then carefully tipping it up, allowing one single tiny drop to land on his tongue then swallowing.


ooh carful there Fuzzy, don’t want to take TOO much, may want to pace your self.


FolwinSkull-tinyFunny little man gonna go NIGHT-NIGHT. HE-HE




Ursus hands the flask over to Torrun.


Remember, ONE DROP.


Yeah, Yeah, ONE DROP, sure whatever.


Torrun mimics Ursus’ actions, but with an air of condescension towards Ursus.


See told ya I coul…..


Torrun’s face goes dead blank and he falls, like a stiff board, onto his back, eyes still wide open, but nothing is there. He does keep the flask completely upright, not spilling even the tiniest vapor of the Brew. Ursus, at the moment Torrun smacks the ground, begins laughing uncontrollably at Torrun (since the Brew is coursing through his veins). Ursus also falls on his back, and continues laughing endlessly.


Yep, pretty much what I expected was going to happen, WOW how did I get stuck with this one?


HA-HA, tiny little guy fall down go BOOM. HA-HA


Mr Tooth, Torrun & Ursus drawn by AZ_RUNE
Folwin Skull from Wikimedia Commons



  • Yep 6 natural 1’s in a single game, balls!

  • Come on, it was a hilarious outcome and we all had fun.

  • I enjoy the voices in Ursus’ head almost as much as Ursus himself.

  • Torrun really asked for this. It was indeed a hilarious moment, juxtaposed over the more serious moments happening with the rest of the group.

  • Well, no fireside chat, I had to get to know people one way or the other.

    • I hope we can take care of that next game, after Ratel is dealt with.

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