Bonded for Life

8th of Kagna, Year 1 of the Rebirth

My Darling Beautiful Beast,


It has been mere hours since I have laid my eyes on you but it seems like it has been a lifetime, even for beings such as us that experience several lifetimes. I count the grains of sand until I am with you again.


I am writing this communiqué, because it is easier to put the words down on parchment when I am not in your presence; for when I am with you, I can think of nothing but you. First, my full name is Ursus Arctos, Great and Honorable Spirit Bear of the Northern Hinterlands and


I will explain that last bit when we are back in each other’s arms. My True name is something I will only share with you in person and in private. By now you may have had a longer tête-à-tête with your Uncle Tinor and he may have already explained who I am and my membership in CrIsis. I learned very early on that truth with your bonded one is the only way, yes I consider us bonded already, more on that later. As for my belonging with CrIsis, I have shared with you my story of how Khonsu appeared to me after I saved my protectorate and how I was chosen to be a member of CrIsis. Now I sensed some jealousy about you when I spoke of Khonsu, you need not fear, for it is by the grace of Khonsu that we are bonded and through him our love will grow to such stature that none shall rival it. It will be the theme of tales and legends across the realm. To this point, I am not saying you have to worship Khonsu; I am only asking that you look at the love and warmth that we have shared and thoughtfully consider taking him into your heart and soul as I have.

This next account is something I have never told a soul, for it brings me much pain; but in order for us to perpetuate our bond and love, I must relive and share this pain. As I stated earlier, we are bonded as is the way with our kind and this bond will only break with our deaths. However, this is not my first bond, there WAS another…Her name was Orsina. We met just scant years after I went into the realm on my own. She was still just a cub herself. It was almost as if we were drawn to each other. Our loving bond was great and new. We spent every waking and resting moment together. We were almost ready to let our bond bear fruit when an epic atrocity occurred. Now being young, both us had experience very little of this realm. We were unfamiliar with the horrid monsters that beset upon us that horrid day. We were bathing each other in the ice cold waters of Bear’s Head bay, under the light of the full high moon.

A pack of bipedal wolf-like creatures had descended on our location. At first we were not concerned by their presence and tried to be friendly and untoward. They had no such intentions and set upon us like the rabid dogs that they were. We were caught off guard and they landed several devastating blows. We soon engaged them with our full rage, ripping into them and slicing them apart, but their first strike and numbers prevailed. I had taken on several and felled their numbers by half, but my poor Orsina was not as lucky. The cowardly Alpha had decided to take the weaker of us first, that was his last mistake. At the moment they took her life and made it permanent, I felt the loss as though my heart had been ripped from my chest. This loss left a gaping hole that was quickly filled with hate, rage, anger, vile, and revulsion towards these atrocious devils. While I physically performed the actions of dismembering every last one of them limb from limb, leaving the Alpha for last, painstakingly shredding every last bit of his flesh, slowly and methodically so that he could attempt to feel pain that was close to my own. It was as though, my mind was above it all watching from a distance, so vary detached. When it was over, I seemed to float back into my body. I went to my beloved bonded and dragged the empty vessel up onto the beach. I wept for hours, at my own loss and what that loss brought out in me. Creatures of the forest chimed in on my waling, the eerie sounds echoing through the bay and woods. After an eternity, I finally regained composure, took her vessel to her favorite spot in the forest and laid her to rest. Once I was done, I returned to the beach, where one of the beasts had started to regain life. I set upon him with speed and strength. I caused some much pain and agony that he told me everything about himself and his fellow filth. They were known as Lycanthropes. While they are similar to our wolf-cousin kind, they are as different as could possibly be. Instead of being naturally borne, they are disease ridden filth, infested with an agent that causes them to rage about on the cycle of the moon, causing mayhem and destruction. This particular pack was composed of evil humans who chose to be infected and use this devastation to try and rule the locals with fear. Since that day I have had a hatred of these affronts to nature and to this day I wary of anything similar. Many years later I did come across Wolfen, while similar looking they are nothing like the Lycan filth, but deep in my heart and soul I still remain wary. I share this so that you may begin to understand why I am so uncomfortable among your adopted family.

As to my last need for writing you, I know that participating in a public bonding ceremony is something that you desire greatly. That is why I graciously met with your Uncle to obtain his permission as is their custom and rites. While I see our actions and deeds as the only bonding required by our kind, as is our kinds way, I will endeavor to do everything within my power to have this ceremony see fruition. So going forward, I will continue to refer to you as my fee-an-say, but know that in my heart, soul and breath, you and I are forever bonded, and only my own death will break that bond.

May Khonsu bless our love, and may the Moon always shine over us.

Ansa bear picture by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org
Bear vs Wolves picture from National Geographic
Bear wedding picture from ETSY

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