We are all doomed…

Mik Na the 23rd? Nisi? Almost Midnight?


I have several books of Wolfen History that I recovered from Wo-Elfenbrut that I would like to give to you, just so you will consider reading this communiqué. If you decide to just destroy it instead, just know that this is a plea to save the only thing we have in common; boundless, undying, everlasting love and deep affection for Ansa, and I can think of no greater elegance worth saving then her.

If you have continued reading, then you do care more for Ansa’s well-being then your own welfare and pride. First, this letter comes from a momentary clarity that I have not had for quite some time now. I will try to explain; you may have noticed some extremely bizarre behavior (way more than usual for an Ursunaturae) coming from Ansa. This is due to the fact that we have bonded. This bonding goes deeper than any normal love felt by any; it is felt by every minuscule grain in our bodies. There is nothing we would not do just to be in each other’s mere presence and now we are far apart. This feels like…well there are no MORTAL WORDS to describe the deep, visceral feelings that we are having, just know that there is only one thing that would be worse for us, if either were to be lost forever. I have felt that loss before and the agony is far beyond any torture or pain a mere mortal could fathom or endure.

So back to what to do about Ansa, even though I went against every base instinct I have to stay for ever and ever in her mere presence, there is but one thing that is more powerful than our undying love for each other; the calling of a God. I am sure you know my mission, so I won’t go into details; suffice it to say that only by His power am I able to even quill this missive. That being said I fear that Ansa does not have this greater love in her heart to help temper the utterly excruciating pain that is overwhelming her every synapse. I have tried to write her as much as possible to try and convince her to at least join me temporarily so we could subdue this feelings even for a short amount of time. For the longest time, I did not receive a response and this only fueled the insanity of my predicament. Then a shiny glimmer of hope arrived, my heart nearly burst with ecstasy at seeing the author of the communiqué. Then it was ripped from my chest, crushed into the dirt, shredded into mush, fed to a demon dog, shite out, mixed with shards, spikes and nails, shoved back into my chest, and pissed upon by the aforementioned demon dog. It seems she has twisted the telling of my NOW DECEASED former bonded mate. Here is what she wrote to me:

Evening of the 23rd of Mik Na, Avramstown.


As well as I can remember from my heritable memory, it is extremely rare for any of our kind to experience more than one bonded, usually if one of the pair is lost, it is not long after that the second soon withers and is gone forever. My experience was different, my first bonded and I were not together for very long and we had not fully imprinted upon each other. This may be why I survived, not to mention the utterly horrific, unspeakable atrocities I visited upon those that took her from me. With Ansa it is different; there is some unknowing force I cannot fathom; and whatever the cause, the effect is very real and quantifiable. She and I will continue on an ever increasing downward spiral until nothing short of the Gods can stop us.

So, I am on my belly pleading…begging, do something…anything…everything…to convince our beloved, darling Ansa to at least correspond with me, even for a short amount of time.

I am afraid this is the end of my fleeting clarity…I feel…something…taking…ove…khjfdwqLSODFJE§֍ﯓΩ©מףࢥ


Tinor picture previously reference on this site.
Ansa picture by our own AZ Rune.
Crazy Bear picture from Daniel Hernanz

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