Ursus Fights Some (his) Demons

How to proceed


13th of Selestra


Brudder Malkin,,


Mystery Man, Squirrel Man and I went looking for some roomerd great weapons at the bottom of a mountain volcano. We had to speak to a very rude monk of the mountain. He had us clean all his rooms JUST for information. I came across a MASSIVE SPIRIT, & I knew better than face it, so I turned tail. I have seen what they can do, it is not pretty. We almost lost the Squirrel Man. He was cleaning also and came across a strange creature, it looked human, but I could tell it wasn’t. It took hold of his mind and wouldn’t be turned. Mystery Man had an idea of how to free him. He took all my flasks and skins, filled them with alcohol. He told me to walk, on all fours, into the room and stay VERY STILL. He then set up a bar on my back. He called me a BEAR BAR. He then persuaded the creature to release one of our companions into our care. Very strange indeed. At this point we were all done cleaning. We demanded the information that the rude monk had, he wasn’t convinced we cleaned enough, I almost cleaned him. He gave after a while. We got the info. You pretty much know the rest as you were there, jumping into the volcano, not getting burnt, recovering the weapons, Squirrel Man attacking Rude Monk Man. The whole thing. Just enough words left over to say…



15th of Selestra


Great Chieftain


It has been sometime since I last talked with you, I hope all is well. I can’t tell you when, but I know we are trying to come that way, to investigate some things. I can’t remember exactly right now, but I know they are important. It has been a weird couple of days. First, I went hunting with a fairie, she is OK as a hunter, but no Kanáta’ that is for sure. In fact she led me straight into a horde of Giants, Frost Giants no less. How the hell they got on top of the sweltering hot mountain I can’t say. I fought them off the best I could, they had weapons of the metal I don’t like. I passed, but Wingswas able to convince them to NOT eat me. I awoke to being dragged back to camp. They let me go with her insistence, than were dismissed. One didn’t take the hint. He ended up with us back at Brothers house. He became an issue and a lot of stuff got broke. I don’t remember. Seems there is a lot I don’t remember lately. Well I am running out of words, so I wanted to ask if you had heard any more from the Hairy ones or those of Terosh concerning strange mystical items. Hope to see you and the Village soon.


1st of Ra



Great and Mighty Ra & Glorious Khonsu I know I don’t normally talk to either of you like this, but the others I have seen so I am trying to do something like them to be more civile. All these years I have felt my race a curse, I have strived to not harm others because of this. Maybe just maybe one of you two had something to do with it. I see now, that I know both of you why I was needed. The past few weeks and months made me realize that this group needed something just like me to aid them in their quest. I am eager to serve and serve I will. I am just hoping that I can do more than just be a hide and claw to them. I know that I don’t really have the skills to give them direction, but as one who has had to take care of itself for so long I have the experience to well lead them where they need to go. In the end they must make the decisions, I just hope they are making the CORRECT decisions. As always I am grateful for your blessings on my journey and hope to fulfill this quest before it kills us all.


All pictures have been previously referenced within A God Rebuilt


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